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Anna Atoll- French Polynesia- December 2018

Gosh, it has been awhile since I have been able to sit down and write out some fishing blogs so pardon my absence. This was a great trip! Lots of images (TIP: click on image to view full size and click again to advance to next image) and less reading is my goal but you have to fill in the gaps somewhat... either way enjoy!

 About a year ago another intriguing fly fishing adventure opportunity presented itself, this time from my dear friend and fellow guide Josh Gallivan. Josh is a passionate and very talented angler, guide, photographer and world traveler who has been skirting the globe the last few off seasons accomplishing more in the last 10 years than many could hope to do in a lifetime, myself included. So when I got this email addressed to a handful of my favorite carp mates it caught my interest and in a flash I found myself saying yes to another far off saltwater destination... this time to
French Polynesia!

I really signed on without much thought besides costs and timing... …

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