Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016:
Since early in June things have turned around significantly and peak river season is on nearly everywhere. It is safe to say almost every drainage has good fishing to explore... ahh, early summer!!
Locally the Snake River turned around about ten days ago, about 3 weeks early(this could hurt us late in the summer but fortunately the reservoirs are full, all good there).
Flows are a bit high but nice and clear and fish are responding to dry flies well. I like a variety of attractors, parachutes and nymph droppers on hand. 
South of Jackson is very good with drakes, caddis and sallies but the crowds are beginning to find the region. Big crowds are going to be everywhere this weekend so anticipate it and you will not blow your top, South Fork yesterday was a boat about every 10 minutes. There we had decent riffle fishing on PMD's after about 1pm. 
Here are some highlights from the last couple weeks... Look us up!

Father's Day adventures on Leigh Lake
Henry's Fork Marathon with Jeff Currier, Granny and Mark Kuhn
8am start, walk to Osbourne bridge from the log jam.
Few brown drakes and wind were our biggest challenges.
Jeff Currier with the day's best.

June 21st, Summer Solstice, 8am to 10pm, 14hrs, 12miles of river.
Grey Drakes from the Green River area, spinners hit the water around 11am on a warm day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 8, 2016

This post should have been up a couple weeks ago but yet again I have let the awesome spring fishing and other outdoor pursuits get in the way(not to mention work and kids), so I apologize for a delay in reporting current conditions! Often May can be a real drag with snow, rain and high flows. This year we did get some needed rain but flows stayed reasonable due to cold nights and the runoff was slowed dramatically. The lakes have been red hot as well as most area rivers, yet that shifted about 2 weeks ago locally and a little more than a week now on the Green, NF and SF. We are in full blow out mode as most days have neared 80 degrees, in fact runoff sharply increased and may have now peaked on a couple local drainages like Pacific Creek, here flows are dropping and typically this signifies the snow pack is diminished and you can expect fishable conditions on the Snake in 3-4 weeks(less than a month). 
The South Fork is currently in a flush and flows here are nearing 18,000cfs. It is still fishable but be very careful, recently saw trees floating by. With high flows try checking out flooded grass bars with worms and streamers, some of the best SF guides do quite well with flood flows. As for me, give me a lake any day in May or June and I am happy. Jackson lake has been outstanding and the views are remarkable. Lewis and Yellowstone Lakes have really turned on this past week with the opener on the 28th. The thing about lakes for me is simply sight casting to nearly all my fish, thats it. For me that is the pinnacle fishing scenario with a fly rod. 
May on Jackson Lake
Currently we are fishing the dam to Pacific Creek stretch of the Snake with pretty darn good dry fly fishing, also the Firehole River has been quite nice with caddis and pmd's. And like I said, Lewis and Yellowstone lakes are very tough to beat if you are a decent caster, look us up and come get the Cutty of a lifetime on Yellowstone Lake!

Neil Chamberlin with a nice Jackson Lake brownie
Josh Gallivan with a typical Jackson Lake mackinaw

Here is a quick run down of my trout smoking technique, feel free to try or pass along your tips...
Cleaning this lake trout I found 40 small sculpins

Ready for the dry rub and brine

24hrs in the fridge

On the smoker for 5-6 hrs at 180 degrees


Friday, May 13, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 13, 2016

The summer season is once again fast approaching and as I see it right now we should have another early start to the season. Snowpack is shrinking rather quickly due to mostly warm and drier than normal conditions. Just a month ago our snowpack was holding strong around 90% but with warm winds and nights it has dropped to around 70%, a scenario favorable for June fishing but not for August. The good news is we do have full reservoirs and again good management can significantly help the season, stay tuned!
Over the years I have learned to love May fishing, especially once the lakes ice off. Right now our lake fishing is very good and typically no crowds, ever. Also as I write this I am munching on freshly smoked lake trout, a spring ritual that brings a day on the water full circle. Another fun outing we seem to never miss these days is carp fishing on Blackfoot reservoir. These fish bring a challenge in several forms... tough to catch at times, tough fight and often tough weather and camping. The ardent and persistent angler get the goods and this year we hit primo conditions and more eager carp than normal. 
Anticipate a good Yellowstone opener on the 28th, this typically kicks off our season. Drainages in Idaho are fishing much better than here in JH, check out the South Fork or Henry's Fork for the best fishing in the region, otherwise we are mostly in a runoff mode in Western Wyoming.
Enjoy the pics!
Jeff Currier heaves on an afternoon carp.

Average Blackfoot Mirror carp, notice the water clarity!

Jeff Currier loves carp as much as anyone, check out his blog, this guy is the master!

Trey Scharp and Rio getting in on the action.

Unusually nice conditions for this region in May.

Mid day BBQ and brew for lunch, followed by a nap for some.

Lovely landscape here in Eastern Idaho.

Trey Scharp with another average, 10lb carp, super fun when you see hundreds cruising daily.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 3, 2016

Hard to believe it is already May and conditions are still holding up on many drainages! We had a mini runoff a couple weeks ago that put the fish and bugs down for a week or so but now we are back with super nice afternoons and pretty damn good fishing up and down the valley. With the nice weather however, the snow melt increases and flows should be off color in a couple days. 
Don't be too bummed just yet, our hottest lake fishing is here with area lakes icing off as we speak, not to mention area tailwaters are getting better as flows warm and bugs are on the move. Still seeing some skwallas and now some grannom caddis, Mother's Day of course!
Josh Gallivan and I hitting the water hard this Spring, here on the lower Green in Wyoming.

Flows are still flat and stable on the Green drainages but this changes as we begin to see warmer nights over the next week or two. Fishing here is good but can be sporadic and flows are cold... think slow and deep, they are in there!
South Fork is reporting cold flows that are around 10K. Rainbows are on redds but the state of Idaho wants them gone so I will hold back my usual mindfulness comments. What a shame, its the hottest fish in the river.
Stay tuned as we hit the lakes hunting morels and trophy macs!
Way to go mate!

Introducing Cutty, my new spaniel mix... his first outing was a huge success!
Snake River doubles are common in April, what an epic place and time of year!
Tomorrow we are off to Black Foot for some of the best carp fishing on the Planet, so far the weather looks great, stay tuned!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- April 11, 2016

Already this year has gotten off to a very nice start and it all began with a little prelude to the season back in February. We had just enough of a bump in the temps to get the fish going for about two weeks but winter returned much of March and gave the fish somewhat a rest as skiers delighted in great winter conditions, fairly rare in March. Since the resort closed on April 3rd very warm conditions have accelerated the spring progression and we are now teetering on full runoff mode a couple weeks early.
My fishing report for Jackson Hole at this time is limited to only the Snake River locally(have not fished anywhere but JH and the Florida Keys).  Here we have had some awesome fishing that is waning some due to murky flows but this should improve by the weekend as a cool front is expected. This change is good as it will give the trout a slight rest and also help get the skwalla stones more in emergence. Late last week I had two trips and we only witnessed the large nymphs and perhaps a couple adults. We did have 6 good eats on the large dry fly mid to late in the day along slower inside runs, fast banks were and will remain a waste of time.
Midges are still the main fare and keep the trout interested most of the day in shallow flats and riffles.  
Lastly, the streamer bite is on! On Saturday we fished Moose to Wilson and as we launched the flows were at about 2' of visibility. The fish were very aggressive to slow, nearly dead drifted streamers in the deepest inside turns and then later we found them much shallower.

Flows on the Snake River are at 1600cfs around Moose. The best floats are from Moose to Hoback. After the Hoback enters flows are muddy, too bad that is good fishing down there and it could be worth chancing, those fish will be looking up and the streamer bite could be incredible!
Snowpack is dropping quick due to the very warm temps but it looks like wet weather is on the way, currently we are holding at 93% of normal.
Hope to see you out there and always remember to take extra care of the trout, they have a long season ahead. Use barbless hooks and keep the trout in or very near the water.
Tight Lines!
Call 3076900910 for availability...


Monday, February 29, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- February 29, 2016- Season Starts!

Hello readers, viewers and fishing world! It has been some time since I last posted an update but this time of the year winter activities can easily take priority when you live in Jackson Hole and work at one of the greatest ski resorts in North America. Here we are, late in the winter and just last week I had an opportunity to get out and not only fish with a guide from New Zealand but more importantly share our home river and its native trout with a kiwi. Nigel Birt was traveling through the valley with his wife after working the show circuit in the SLC area. He reached out and expressed his interest in fishing the Snake River for its native Cutthroats, an apparent check off his bucket list. As imagined Nigel and I hit it off right away. Since I have a vast affinity for New Zealand fly fishing I was quick to get right to the questions(Nigel, owns and operates Backcountry New Zealand and has guided the South Island for nearly 30 years) and we settled into the day talking trout. 
Being the guide, I totally down played the afternoon's potential but knew we had a good shot at some nice fishing. Temps have been on the increase and the river is about to really come alive in the next few weeks. With that we simply jumped in around the Wilson Bridge access and looked for the right water, specifically slower deep troughs with a riffle at the head of the run.
Our flies were the best basic patterns for a late winter outing, a zebra midge and a gnat dry fly. We began working the first run together and were just getting a feel for what the fish may be doing but the midges were certainly on the increase. As we both worked out the kinks in our casting Nigel hooks up with his first ever Cutthroat just below the pathway bridge. He was stoked!

Only 30 minutes into the afternoon we thought we should try and spot some feeding fish and hunt down the dry fly bite down river. The remaining river bed snow pack was compact and easy to walk upon and from the looks of it we were the first on the water in sometime. The next run was much more quiet yet we did manage one nice trout again on the zebra midge slow and deep.

At this point we were both content with the day but I did feel like we should see some feeding fish. On the last run at about 2:45pm I saw a flash or two just under the surface below a drop off. We had the gnat on the 9' 3wt Z Axis and once we cast it in the zone we landed 8 chunky trout between 14" & 16" over the last half hour! 
It is always a special treat to share these rivers with anyone but that was an extra special way to start the 2016 season. Thanks Nigel, and I look forward to our time on your home water hopefully sooner than later!

Stay Tuned and check out our website at GRANDTETONFLYFISHING.COM

Friday, October 30, 2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- October 30, 2015

October is coming to a close and like clockwork light snow has begun to fall and more to come in the forecast. With that the 2015 Guide season, sad to say, is a wrap. Afternoon temps are dropping quickly and are not expected to reach into the mid 40's next week, a clear sign the window is closing. For the ardent angler some local fishing still exists and the regions' tailwaters can be epic in November. Locally, on the Snake in JH, expect some midges and decent streamer fishing, especially in the afternoon. On other rivers with good brown trout populations expect spawning to pick up and the spotty streamer bite to be good to excellent. Please keep in mind that while wading pay close attention to spawning gravel and look for signs of redds, often in tailout zones where you wade.
Enjoy these photos from our recent guide outing.
Fall brown trout never disappoint.

Ben putting the pressure on a canyon trout.

Josh Gallivan savoring a nice rainbow to hand.

Again the trout steals your heart, this what we love...wild!

Scott with a typical rainbow from the Horn in Wyoming.

Jeff Currier and Scott Smith closing the day with a double.