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Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 30, 2018

Another high water season is in full swing but the fly fishing forecast looks good! Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report for late May into June can be summed up in two words, lakes or Idaho! Right now our best fishing is on area lakes and the reports are good from the Henry's Fork in Idaho where the salmon flies are stealing the show and have advanced up near Riverside.
High water years seem to be becoming the norm, is this good or bad? Well, for now I think it is good to have more water than not enough but if an epic flood were to happen we could lose hatches, fish and perhaps property or life. In 1996/97 the Snake River experienced a big winter and like many years the spring was cool holding the snow up high to near 150%, then suddenly it warmed dramatically and then rained on the deep snow pack causing extreme runoff conditions and flooding. I can imagine another year like this is looming with an even bigger snow pack. Fortunately the Bureau of Reclamation is managing the lake level…

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