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Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- Water Update- June 22, 2017

The Summer Solstice report for June 22 is lined with bittersweet realities, we have tons of water but it is ruining the early season fishing. For the most part fishing is a real challenge on most drainages in several states in the Northern Rockies. Here in Wyoming we have high water on almost every river, even the tailwaters are flowing hard to make space for the up stream flow coming down. These high flows have been going strong since March now and the good news is we are finally seeing some light at the end of the "high water tunnel".  Locally on the Snake River flows have been extreme for sometime but the mountains are showing significant snow break up in the high country and the old indicators show about 2 more weeks of strong flow but a long gradual drop should begin soon. Peak occured on June 5th with the canyon reporting nearly 31,000cfs! Currently the same canyon is showing about 25,000cfs but flows from Jackson Lake dam are on the rise due to the expected 100% capa…

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