Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- March 14, 2017

And just like a switch our Spring season has arrived! Wowwee, what a winter and what a snowpack! Yesterday marked our first trips of the year and the weather was fantastic. After a long, dark, snowy and cold winter it is real nice to be talking trout fishing again but make no mistake, we have had some fun skiing what could down as one of the best winters ever with our total snow fall sitting at 530" and our current snow-water equivalent holding at 155% of normal. The 10 day forecast certainly shows spring holding on and for our summer angling this is good thing. Hopefully snow melt continues and we have a nice long drawn out runoff without a mega flood. Temps this week in the 50's will go a long way in knocking down the valley snow that is quite impressive. Most of the tribs are already running full and off color as daytime heating is doing it's thing. On the Snake, flows were increased at the dam a few days ago in anticipation of a heavy runoff, smart move by the Bureau of Reclamation. Yet, with higher flows fishing is still good and picking up. Midges are strong after about 11am and we can expect some BWO's and skwalla stoneflies in the next few weeks. High, murky flows can create great spring action if the bugs are present, so don't be fooled!
Hope to see you out there and enjoy the changing seasons!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- November 8, 2016

Its ELECTION DAY! Finally the agony and stress can end, at least I am hopeful it will end. In the meantime fly fishing has kept myself and many other devoted anglers sharply focused on what matters to us, wild and native trout of the autumn season! The Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report for this time of the year is fairly consistent and follows these traits as winter creeps in. We have had low flows now for about a month with the only exception to tributaries that have risen since the heavy storms of October(wettest October on record!). Low flows draw the trout into what we call a winter lie, typically long, deep runs. Depending on recent weather the trout will be found in various areas of the run, sometimes feeding as if it was still summer. As the water cools to below 39 degrees the fish will then be lethargic and only found in the deep, slow reaches of the run. Lately, the fall weather has been exceptional with cold, crisp nights but very warm afternoons, this pattern is keeping the trout active for a few extra weeks. This may continue until we get our first arctic air and heavy valley snow.
Look for midges midday and a few lingering BWO's. The trout are still taking dries well after about noon. Some areas are reporting good streamer fishing but retrieve speeds are much slower than last month, sometimes a dead drift is best. I personally like to fish a shallow nymph this time of year. Shallow riffle corners are great for sight casting with a dry/dropper. Extend your leader some and make delicate casts so not to spook the trout. The takes are barely discernible but fun!

Another great venue lately has been Jackson Lake's fall opener on November 1st. Here we are getting great numbers of lake trout from 17" to 21" and the folks who know are finding several from 24" to 38"! Typically these large specimens are taken on jigs or lures on spinning gear. With flies you can get into nice browns, cutthroats and some of the smaller lake trout. I like to cast a sinking line with a white, ginger and black marabou clouser. You will find fish off points, flats and humps in about 10' to 15' of water.

It has been a wonderful season, always is... Thank you to all who came out and fished with either myself or our talented guide staff at Grand Teton Fly Fishing, we greatly appreciate you trusting us with your Jackson Hole Fly Fishing experience.
Off to Georgia to chase some stripers and then back for the ski season!

Charlie Allen and Oliver Smith had a great day fishing the forest section of the Snake in October.
21" Snake River brown from GTNP, yup they are there if you know where to look.
Nice Jackson Lake cutthroat on opening day.
Great cutty from Moose to Wilson in late October.
Steve Bohl after the storm, this day was ridiculous, 30+ trout on dries!
Josh Gallivan with his best brown on the Snake River, nearly 26"!!
Our native Finespotted Cutthroat up close.
From left to right: Josh Gallivan, Bruce James, Tom Montgomery and Scott Smith. Some of the crew got together to see Bruce, our shop manager off for the winter.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- October 5, 2016

The best way to sum up a Fly Fishing report for the past month is easy, it was damn good! Even as we have seen more traffic than ever and lower than average flows on some rivers for much of the season the fish and fishing has really held up. Once the hot weather broke early in September conditions improved drastically. The water cooled off and the bugs(hecubas and mahoganies) began to show up a week or two before the One Fly Event. Terrestrials continued to produce until recently as the weather has changed again from autumn to winter, which looks to be temporary. Locally our flows have dropped to their winter level in the past week from 2500cfs to 280cfs at Jackson Lake dam and 3500cfs to 1300cfs at Moose. Water temps dropped(now at 48 degrees) dramatically this week as well with steady rain and snow in the valley. This morning we had 3" of snow in town and nearly 2' above 9000'. Fortunately the forecast gets us back on track with 60 degree afternoons all next week, this should provide some great fall dry fly fishing late in the day. Some lingering mahoganies, BWO's, October caddis and small flying ants should all work well after about 11am. Until then keep a dropper or streamer in play. 
On other area rivers like the South Fork we are seeing great BWO hatches after 1pm and the streamer bite can be excellent. South of town on the Green flows are very low but better due to recent rain and snow. Here most fisherman are trying their luck with streamers to find that fall brownie. Keep an eye out for spawning gravel and active redds... no wading!!
Good Luck and enjoy the stunning scenery in GTNP!!
Great brown on an ant late in the day.
While feeding on tricos this cutty took a small hopper.
The mahogany bite was excellent mid September after a rain storm.
Again after rain the Hecuba or fall drake produced some big cutthroats on the Snake in GTNP. This one is 19"!
Tricos on the Bighorn in Thermopolis, see Wind River Canyon Whitewater and Fly Fishing

21" brown fell for a small ant after the trico hatch!
Jenny Lake at its best!
Lewis Lake run started late in September.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 28, 2016

The latest Fishing Report can be summed up in three words..."Winds of Change". In the last two weeks we have gone from a critically hot, summer scenario to a breath of fresh, cool air with hints of autumn. Recent nights have brought the first frosts of the season and fortunately local water temps are cooling down quickly. Flows on the Snake River are a favorable 3600cfs at Moose, yet all other freestone rivers and tribs are much lower than historically recorded so there you may find challenging trout or no trout at all. The main river is fishing very well with hecuba mayflies and terrestrials in the afternoon, all typical this time of year and right in time for the annual One Fly Event in two weeks. 
In the region we do have some forest fires and on some days smoke can obscure your mountain views but in general the afternoon winds clear the view and the air we breath. 
On the South Fork flows have dropped to 10400cfs and the fishing is good but primarily sub surface. In some areas good dry fly fishing can be found be having a nymph or two in play is the best way to go.
**With recent closures on the Yellowstone River in Montana it is an important reminder to be sure to thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat to stop the spread of disease and invasive species.
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Guide's day off!

Doubles are common on the Snake in late Summer.

Exploring the Wind River side channels.

The Lenore take out in Crowheart, WY... www.windrivercanyon.com

Sight fishing with tricos in GTNP!

Hoppers, ants and beetles score nice fish late in the day.

Nice Wind River brown from last week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 2, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 2, 2016 
Currently our local fishing is in its Peak season and all our guides are reporting good consistent activity with only exception being afternoon slow downs due to hot afternoon air and water temps. Flows are stable on the Snake but area tribs are dropping to very low levels, this also includes regional rivers like the Green and Salt. The small rivers are floatable but marginally fishable for two anglers and afternoon fishing is not advisable, again due to warm water often reaching 70 degrees.
Hatches are fairly thin but several terrestrial options are happening, it is ant, hopper and beetle season! One hatch worth mentioning is our summer stone fly, aka the mutant stone or western brown stonefly. These stoneflies are active crawlers early in the day and the males are wingless and quite fast... twitch and skate your bug early for some fun grabs!
The South Fork has had a great July, here PMD's are stealing the show along with the mutant stone happening here as well.
Enjoy your summer fishing but remember to keep the water temps in mind, best to stop fishing from 2pm to 6pm until our weather changes, hopefully next week.
Always great to see friends fishing together, having a great time! This was our 4th Annual trip with the Crew from Livingston, MT- George & Jamie Anderson, Skip Herman, Carl Hiaasen, Dave Grusin, Michael Keaton, Tom Mcguane and Breon Robertson.
Kae with a nice Wind River hybrid.
Mikey, age 9, crushes the Green again, these boys are good!
First Hopper eater of the season.
Eric Nunn nymphing up the big bows!
John Campbell finds the Fish of the Day again!
Jack Nunn, on another roll.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016:
Since early in June things have turned around significantly and peak river season is on nearly everywhere. It is safe to say almost every drainage has good fishing to explore... ahh, early summer!!
Locally the Snake River turned around about ten days ago, about 3 weeks early(this could hurt us late in the summer but fortunately the reservoirs are full, all good there).
Flows are a bit high but nice and clear and fish are responding to dry flies well. I like a variety of attractors, parachutes and nymph droppers on hand. 
South of Jackson is very good with drakes, caddis and sallies but the crowds are beginning to find the region. Big crowds are going to be everywhere this weekend so anticipate it and you will not blow your top, South Fork yesterday was a boat about every 10 minutes. There we had decent riffle fishing on PMD's after about 1pm. 
Here are some highlights from the last couple weeks... Look us up!

Father's Day adventures on Leigh Lake
Henry's Fork Marathon with Jeff Currier, Granny and Mark Kuhn
8am start, walk to Osbourne bridge from the log jam.
Few brown drakes and wind were our biggest challenges.
Jeff Currier with the day's best.

June 21st, Summer Solstice, 8am to 10pm, 14hrs, 12miles of river.
Grey Drakes from the Green River area, spinners hit the water around 11am on a warm day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 8, 2016

This post should have been up a couple weeks ago but yet again I have let the awesome spring fishing and other outdoor pursuits get in the way(not to mention work and kids), so I apologize for a delay in reporting current conditions! Often May can be a real drag with snow, rain and high flows. This year we did get some needed rain but flows stayed reasonable due to cold nights and the runoff was slowed dramatically. The lakes have been red hot as well as most area rivers, yet that shifted about 2 weeks ago locally and a little more than a week now on the Green, NF and SF. We are in full blow out mode as most days have neared 80 degrees, in fact runoff sharply increased and may have now peaked on a couple local drainages like Pacific Creek, here flows are dropping and typically this signifies the snow pack is diminished and you can expect fishable conditions on the Snake in 3-4 weeks(less than a month). 
The South Fork is currently in a flush and flows here are nearing 18,000cfs. It is still fishable but be very careful, recently saw trees floating by. With high flows try checking out flooded grass bars with worms and streamers, some of the best SF guides do quite well with flood flows. As for me, give me a lake any day in May or June and I am happy. Jackson lake has been outstanding and the views are remarkable. Lewis and Yellowstone Lakes have really turned on this past week with the opener on the 28th. The thing about lakes for me is simply sight casting to nearly all my fish, thats it. For me that is the pinnacle fishing scenario with a fly rod. 
May on Jackson Lake
Currently we are fishing the dam to Pacific Creek stretch of the Snake with pretty darn good dry fly fishing, also the Firehole River has been quite nice with caddis and pmd's. And like I said, Lewis and Yellowstone lakes are very tough to beat if you are a decent caster, look us up and come get the Cutty of a lifetime on Yellowstone Lake!

Neil Chamberlin with a nice Jackson Lake brownie
Josh Gallivan with a typical Jackson Lake mackinaw

Here is a quick run down of my trout smoking technique, feel free to try or pass along your tips...
Cleaning this lake trout I found 40 small sculpins

Ready for the dry rub and brine

24hrs in the fridge

On the smoker for 5-6 hrs at 180 degrees