Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Recharged!

Wow! What a week... just when I thought it was time to start ripping out winter gear our old friend summer decided to come back and rain golden sunshine all over the region. Since the One Fly we have steadily held afternoon temps in the mid-70's, some days reaching 80! Truly odd for late September in Western Wyoming but no one is complaining.
This is a great time in the Tetons... we have brilliant fall colors, cool mornings, absolutely perfect afternoons(minus the terrible wind that has seemed to plague us all season), low crowds and hot dry fly action just about everywhere. Rivers of the region are active with mahoganies, tricos, BWO's and terrestrials like the plump hopper below. Most days are slow to start but quickly heat up with parachute mayflies and by the afternoon larger hopper patterns are still moving nice trout along grassy banks.
A recent day off landed me in the fortunate position to go fishing with Mark Fuller and our friend Darren Calhoun from Thermopolis, Wyoming. We all shared the rowing this day searching this secluded section of river with streamers and large hoppers with agonizing intensity... will the trophy of a lifetime show itself today? In the end we shared some amazing trout water together and several great trout including this gorgeous male brown of 23" that fell for a grasshopper.
Mark Fuller with a slab Snake River cutthroat

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Season Homestretch

One of my favorite places and times... the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park during the fall, fly fishing grandeur at its best!

Once again the One Fly Event ushers in scenes from the upcoming season that we all admire in beauty yet scowl at its termination of summer... hence the name termination dust. The better side of this story is that great angling awaits for those who venture out.
This front brought some fairly hefty snows to the mountains and cold morning temps dipping into the twenties... this shock in water temp cools the morning bite that was dominating just 10 days ago, now we are seeing a fall pattern of mid-late day feeding, especially on various mayflies during the cloudy periods.

Hecuba at the vise

Monday, September 6, 2010

Winds of Change

The Snake Drake... hecuba timpanoga

Over the past two weeks the weather and trout have been stirring, a signal that we are are in the beginnings of autumn. With each cool front and accompanying overcast and rain brings fantastic fly fishing to the Snake River region. During these late summer storm cycles the bugs get moving and the trout pay close attention to riffles and shallow side channel seams... at this time we are seeing a steady flow of paraleps(mahogany duns), hecubas(slate wing "drake") and baetis(BWO)... in addition to the mayflies our abundant western brown stone flies are ever present yet elusive, hence the effectiveness of the old Chernobyl ant and its modern imitations.
Stone Hopper... Lorenzo, Idaho

Scott Smith with long time client and friend John Marion
After the fronts move through and the vicious winds settle we get back to pleasant weather that warms under the brilliant sunlight and with this the now fat hoppers steal the show along grassy banks. Needless to say its on in the Hole! The Snake River of our valley is in the prime of the year now, just in time for the annual One Fly Event. After the tournament look for even better fishing as the crowds taper off, yet as true fall approaches the best of the day becomes compressed into fewer hours each week due to colder nights and shorter days.
Best of Luck this weekend... be Safe!