Friday, May 13, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 13, 2016

The summer season is once again fast approaching and as I see it right now we should have another early start to the season. Snowpack is shrinking rather quickly due to mostly warm and drier than normal conditions. Just a month ago our snowpack was holding strong around 90% but with warm winds and nights it has dropped to around 70%, a scenario favorable for June fishing but not for August. The good news is we do have full reservoirs and again good management can significantly help the season, stay tuned!
Over the years I have learned to love May fishing, especially once the lakes ice off. Right now our lake fishing is very good and typically no crowds, ever. Also as I write this I am munching on freshly smoked lake trout, a spring ritual that brings a day on the water full circle. Another fun outing we seem to never miss these days is carp fishing on Blackfoot reservoir. These fish bring a challenge in several forms... tough to catch at times, tough fight and often tough weather and camping. The ardent and persistent angler get the goods and this year we hit primo conditions and more eager carp than normal. 
Anticipate a good Yellowstone opener on the 28th, this typically kicks off our season. Drainages in Idaho are fishing much better than here in JH, check out the South Fork or Henry's Fork for the best fishing in the region, otherwise we are mostly in a runoff mode in Western Wyoming.
Enjoy the pics!
Jeff Currier heaves on an afternoon carp.

Average Blackfoot Mirror carp, notice the water clarity!

Jeff Currier loves carp as much as anyone, check out his blog, this guy is the master!

Trey Scharp and Rio getting in on the action.

Unusually nice conditions for this region in May.

Mid day BBQ and brew for lunch, followed by a nap for some.

Lovely landscape here in Eastern Idaho.

Trey Scharp with another average, 10lb carp, super fun when you see hundreds cruising daily.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 3, 2016

Hard to believe it is already May and conditions are still holding up on many drainages! We had a mini runoff a couple weeks ago that put the fish and bugs down for a week or so but now we are back with super nice afternoons and pretty damn good fishing up and down the valley. With the nice weather however, the snow melt increases and flows should be off color in a couple days. 
Don't be too bummed just yet, our hottest lake fishing is here with area lakes icing off as we speak, not to mention area tailwaters are getting better as flows warm and bugs are on the move. Still seeing some skwallas and now some grannom caddis, Mother's Day of course!
Josh Gallivan and I hitting the water hard this Spring, here on the lower Green in Wyoming.

Flows are still flat and stable on the Green drainages but this changes as we begin to see warmer nights over the next week or two. Fishing here is good but can be sporadic and flows are cold... think slow and deep, they are in there!
South Fork is reporting cold flows that are around 10K. Rainbows are on redds but the state of Idaho wants them gone so I will hold back my usual mindfulness comments. What a shame, its the hottest fish in the river.
Stay tuned as we hit the lakes hunting morels and trophy macs!
Way to go mate!

Introducing Cutty, my new spaniel mix... his first outing was a huge success!
Snake River doubles are common in April, what an epic place and time of year!
Tomorrow we are off to Black Foot for some of the best carp fishing on the Planet, so far the weather looks great, stay tuned!