Thursday, March 26, 2009

Relentless Winter... The Pow is back!

So, Spring made a great showing last week, however winter wasn't finished... we have seen nearly 2' of fresh pow in the past 36 hrs. and once again the skiing is awesome... above is a good friend and fellow guide, Dave Smith rippin some fresh tracks above "the Cirque", in-bounds at JHMR. Dave and I have had some remarkable days together on the slopes and the river... hope to report soon from the later.
Spring is in the area! Migratory birds are showing in increasing numbers, even though the skies are filled with snowflakes. This is a fairly rare visitor... the Grey Crowned Ruby Finch.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Midge Mania!

A short visit to the Snake River last Sunday revealed quite the midge emergence and low and behold there were nice cutty's up on top. A pleasant surprise but not really a surprise at all, this is the time it begins... a transition from a cold dormant state to an awakening among both the bugs and the trout.
Skiing is still fantastic with the recent snowfall and cooler temps; March is a time for winter reflection and spring anticipation. See you on the slopes or the rivers!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Epic Skiing! Yet, Spring is knocking.

These wonderful visitors have been around most of the winter but as the ice begins to recede their activity and numbers are increasing... this is a shot from the pond in my backyard which in most years ices off by the 15th of March.
Pucker Face on Cody Peak, 2-28-09
Good friend and co-worker at Pepi Stiegler Sports, Stan Everetts enjoying some in-bounds fluff.  Great skiing last week, especially above 8000', is now gone from a few days in the 40's... however, as I write this it is snowing fat, cold flakes and its windy... I bet tomorrow brings pleasant conditions once more.