Friday, March 19, 2010

Early Spring on the Snake River

Combine one of the lightest snowfalls on record with an early spring and you get the ingredients for some great early season angling in the Jackson Hole area. Skiers are doubtful the season will make much of a turn around at this point and are grabbing their bikes and fly rods as the season shifts rather quickly. Valley snow is quickly receding into the higher benches which is opening up river access and has even got some drift boats running through town in search of the early season bite.
Many are reporting good action which is not surprising due to the warm temps that is pushing water temps into the magical 42 degrees mark in the afternoon... midges and BWO's and soon skwalla stones will bring nice trout to the shallows to feed. Big streamers can lock into larger famished trout in the deep holes and slow troughs. Take care of all our trout, they may have a very long season ahead!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Update-

Trumpeters on Flat Creek in the National Wildlife Refuge
Our hopes for a wet and powder filled March are quickly fading as warm & dry trends continue. Spring is in the air as birds sing with song... I know spring is early when the red-winged blackbirds show up the first week of March, last year it was the first week of April. The ice is nearly off on my pond and cyclist are hitting the pathways... I want to be skiing a little longer!
The snowpack is still hovering around 60% of normal which is about as bad as I have ever seen at this time, however we fortunately had two consecutive banner winters that recharged our reservoirs and water table, so unless it turns hot and dry for the next 8 months we should manage to squeak out another good season for fishing. April and May hold the answer... if we can preserve what we have now into May it will be a fairly average runoff but if it keeps melting at this rate early June could be hot on the Snake, Green and South Fork... by August the trout have seen it all and it can get tough! One thing is for sure, every year is different.

Hearing of good fishing reports from the region as the temps warm. The trout are midging on the Snake and bigger insects could soon follow if weather persists.