Monday, April 19, 2010

High Plains Trout

Stan Czarniak showing off a nice early season brown.
Finally, settling into the spring season and ventured off to a special place... I was hoping for PIGtopia but instead we were greeted with typical hard streamer chucking, beer drinking conditions, ok by me! We did coax a few very nice fish each day and had spectacular April weather for Western Wyoming, nearing 65 degrees. So nice, that my angling partners found time to nap on the river each day for nearly a half hour... that is relaxing at its best!
Mark Fuller with his best of two days... these fish were preferring smaller streamers, like buggers & leeches over the big nasty bites. River conditions are ever changing now, as we departed this section the clarity went from 2' to 6"... that is tough. However, in Jackson Hole the Snake is fishing very well on midges and small minnow streamers. I guided last Thursday below Wilson and we fished dry flies the entire stretch to South Park, boating a dozen or so all over 14"!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Midges of Spring

Louie enjoys his first cutthroat trout of the year!
Thus far the spring in Jackson has been a nice mixture of either cool and unsettled or warm and pleasant. These conditions keep the rivers running clear and help conserve or precious snowpack. Fishing on the Snake River has been very good with consistent midge hatches and trout rising in pods early in the afternoon. Dark streamers are effective while searching the quiet zones of a run where the hefty cutthroats like to hang. The best thing about April on the Snake... no crowds! Heading off to warmer climates soon to chase largemouth bass followed by some Bahama Bonefish! Happy Spring to all!
Midges cluster up to mate in the afternoon sun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Farewell to the 09-10 Ski Season!

Mark Fuller enjoying some late season POW turns on the Headwall.

One thing is for sure, you never know what may happen in the Tetons. Just as our winter season was literally melting away and spring was making a grand entrance, the jet stream finally shifted into a favorable position and has provided an amazing come back to the 2010 ski season. Snow and wind moved into the region with only a week left at Jackson Hole Mtn. Resort and buffed out weeks of rutted moguls and variable snow with up to 4' of fresh. The snow has brought with it a renewed sense for water in the upcoming runoff... the region was at the cusp of severe drought but now may be just a bit off of normal, the next few weeks hold the key.

March was offering some great action to those who ventured out during the early spring tease. Even though the region is getting snow and the weather has cooled off a bit do not count out the pre-runoff angling, it can be amazing during this time just about anywhere. I prefer the lower reaches of the larger rivers this time of year as the larger trout come lurking from their winter lairs. Get out there and brush up on some streamer casting and perhaps some small dries!