Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scenes of Summer

Skip & Murphy share a moment on the Green River.
Over the past week I have ventured all over Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming and I must say the moose population looks healthy from my perspective... over a dozen views similar to this nice bull on the Green River near Pinedale, WY. The animals you encounter on the river are a special bonus to the day, its nice to see them in their natural setting... thriving.
Grand Teton Park is coming into its prime fishing season now and the days on the river in this special place are amazing. I always have to remind people to put their rods down and look around for a moment. These mountains haunt your mind with their magnificence, many compare them to the alps of Europe. In fact they are among the youngest mountains in N. America still growing a couple centimeters per year. There is no better place to catch native trout and experience breathtaking scenery than here... now booking mid- September!
A large non-native from the Snake River, Lake Trout find their way into the river system generally through Jackson Lake Dam. In the upper reaches they thrive on Utah chubs and whitefish living in the slow deep runs in relative harmony with our prized Snake River Finespotted cutthroats.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Trout Bliss

It is truly hard to describe how amazing some of our local fisheries can shine when they are in their prime. If you are a core fly fisherman you know that special windows throughout the season present themselves and when they do you hope you are there... it is tough to just hear about it, it pulls at you. Well, as of lately is one of those periods you need to experience every so often as an angler... it keeps you searching for that next window.
Last week was a Green River Tour, this week I have launched 4 of 5 days on the South Fork for good reason... its a dam fun river to fish and guide! I hit the lower and canyon alternately and found amazing dryfly action off the main channel from the boat and on foot... just enough work to keep it interesting but very gratifying, often sight casting to large, happy trout. Hatches are holding steady with golden stones, sallies, pmd's & caddis.
Bob King & Dave and I weathered the storms on Wednesday to find a late afternoon insect explosion. In 2-3 hrs. we released 30+ trout up to 20" all on small dries.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wide Open Now!

It is on in the Hole! The only bad thing about the fishing for me right now is that I'm not the one doing the fishing... I have a serious urge to strip streamers & twitch big dries... mend long, perfect mends & set the @%*&%#? hook! Oh well, at least I have a great job showing folks the depth of this sport and region.

Serious brown town on the Green river with several amazing hatches going off this next week or two... green & grey drakes, caddis & many stoneflies... a literal bug soup.
Flows are lowering and stabling out for the summer on every drainage, even the Snake in Jackson is hitting well. The South Fork is in its usual mid-July form... EPIC! Bugs are everywhere and the fish are looking up well by noon most days. Enjoy the fun angling but please think of the trout, take care of them always!

Friday, July 2, 2010

When will it POP?

Caddis Larvae(Brachycentrus)... this is the early summer emerger in our area that can create massive clouds of flight, seeing them on Flat Creek now.
Fairly high flows from Jackson Lake dam(3600cfs) recently is keeping the hot action at bay. Good numbers of little sally stoneflies(isoperlidae) are in the air but not many trout showing on top yet. Nymphing is still the best way to intercept those deep hole feeders. I feel that the water temps are a bit on the cool side(49degrees) for aggressive feeding and this is a direct result of the heavy flow from the dam.
Soon however, fantastic action will be popping all around... its like a tea kettle beginning to slowly whistle. The Green(2100cfs) and South Fork(15,800cfs) are still high and again, cool keeping heavy insect activity low. I hear that the nymphing is pretty good on the South Fork but my favorite venue lately has been the lakes... amazing sight casting scenarios when the wind lays down.
Be sure to check out our new shop, opening later this week across from Sweetwater Restaurant on King Street.... Jack Dennis Fly Fishing!