Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Thaw= January Fly Fishing

The roller coaster weather continues as we have gone from sub-zero temps to near 40 degrees and valley rain. This can be hard on the avid skier's mindset as we prefer the dry powder snow but the ardent winter angler can cash in big during mid-winter warming trends.
If water temps pop up a few degrees its possible to see sparse midge activity in the early afternoon and if you can find winter lies that are still you may see a cold nose or two break the surface.
Teton Park is a visual paradise in the winter but is largely off limits to travel for winter wildlife habitat. The best venues for consistent winter angler in and around Jackson Hole can be found on the Henry's Fork and South Fork of the mighty Snake River. You generally can have the river to yourself and catch a ton of whitefish and maybe a few hefty trout!
Snake River near Moose, Wyoming- Grand Teton National Park

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bittersweet BRRR!

A late Happy New Year wish going out to all! With the holidays behind me I am catching up on photo and video edits, 2010 stats and 2011 promos and ideas, our beloved fishing season will return soon so its time to start preparing. In the meantime we are skiing and it has been a banner season thus far. Near record snows have our local snow pack at 116% of normal with some drainages reporting over 150% of normal... if these trends continue look for a massive runoff this spring- a good flushing for sure. The winter has been a roller coaster of storms followed by frigid air for a few days... this morning it was -8 degrees in Jackson and -24 degrees in Pinedale, yikes!
Stay tuned on Facebook and follow the guides blogs as we are launching a spring fly fishing school that will hone your skills for the 2011 season.
Best to all, get out and enjoy the powder snow... it is my favorite winter pastime!
Weldon Jones ripping the trees of JHMR

Hikers heading up Pepi's bench for the fresh lines on a rare bluebird day this winter