Friday, July 29, 2011

Fly Fishing Report- 7/29/11

A serene view of the upper Green River in Western Wyoming has been my office for the past week or so and I must say, I like it. The days have been fairly long as they generally are in July because of the driving time and remote floats. In addition, some consistent fishing that is more reminiscent of early July... like everywhere in the region a good 3-4 weeks behind. With the end of this high water season behind I think positive and realize the benefits it will yield in a couple years and beyond... lots of healthy trout. When we have high sustained flows you often will see a much higher survival rate of juvenile trout and a faster growth rate... a look on the bright side right?
John Campbell in Western Wyoming
The Green is spotty but fishing decent as flows really begin to drop below 1400cfs. The Snake is very close to releasing the masses, it is fishable at this point with 2' of visibility but may need to drop another 1000cfs before it really gets good. The South Fork is dropping as well but is still a bit off color, not sure why at this point, and the fishing again is spotty with mostly wets catching the trout(15000cfs).
The hatches are all over the place on the Green and its tribs with Green & Grey Drakes, caddis, sallies and golden stones... above is one of my favorite insects, the Grey Drake spinner.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fly Fishing Report- 7/16/11

Conditions are slowly improving for area rivers, yet many still remain unfishable. The past couple weeks I have been scattered between private spring creeks, lakes and the Firehole River. As of July 13, I began to play around on the upper Green as flows there are dropping to favorable levels the quickest. The upper Green drains the northern end of the Wind River range and has its origins in the Green River Lakes, therefore flows clear fairly quickly even while they remain high. Optimum levels are below 15oocfs and for now they remain above 24oocfs, this is good news for the trout and anglers visiting in late- July or August, there will be plenty of water. Hatches are in full swing on many rivers regardless of their flows. The Green has a soup of green & grey drakes, pmds, caddis, golden stones & sallies! Most fish are being caught on nymphs but some trout are beginning to look up, this will improve as water drops and clears.
The South Fork is massive still flowing over 22,000cfs! I hear some fish are being caught but it cannot be easy and a bit dangerous as well, looking for 17,000cfs or lower soon!
The Snake in Jackson is 4500cfs out of the dam and is fishing pretty well from the dam to the Buffalo Fork on sallies and pmd's.
These are some brutes we came across on Legacy Ranch last week with Skip Hildebrand and his guests... a great place for trout and bird hunting, share it and check out the link below.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fly Fishing Report- 7/4/11

Western Green Drake nymphs are primed for hatching on many Snake River tributaries... as flows recede and warm look for thick emergences... many hatches appear to be a month behind.

Our mountain summer arrived on the solstice this year reminding many of us that the spring we just had is a common reality in the northern Rockies. Temps have become more seasonable lately and the last peak of runoff occurred nearly a week ago. With that behind us we are still looking at a long slowly dropping hydro graph for most rivers in the region and excellent river fly fishing is easily weeks away. In the meantime area lakes are providing fantastic action for a variety of trout species, from lake trout to browns & cutthroats.

In years like this with record snowpack and cool spring temps even the famous tail waters of the region can run high and dirty. Luckily, the sight fishing potential is high for a few weeks after ice out on the lakes in Jackson Hole, this scenario can be as good as it gets in the fly fishing world... akin to stalking saltwater gamefish on the flats. This brown trout above was intercepted in less than 2' of water on a #16 olive scud, the real trick is getting the fly in the strike zone without spooking the fish. All together most days on lakes yield fewer numbers of trout than rivers, however the average size catch can easily be 18"-22"!

Lake Trout will remain shallow well into July this year, great sight casting game!
South Fork @ 17,000cfs, fishing is fair but will greatly increase as flows drop.
Snake River @ 2300cfs(dam-PC), sallies and pmd's, murky flows but improving.