Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide's Report- Firecracker fly fishing!

Super nice conditions lately with epic fly fishing all over the region, its time to get out!
Hatches are strong on every river within the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, north-south, east-west. The bug soup is a mid-late morning mixture of caddis, pmd's, sallies, drakes(green and grey) and golden stones... if you are on the South Fork, there are salmonflies in the lower canyon(just below Heise on the 26th).
A handsome South Fork leopard rainbow, sorry Idaho F&G, putting this one back!
Our centerpiece fishery here in Jackson Hole, the Snake River, is dropping daily and is now clear enough to find sporadic action with wet flies and possibly a few dries in the riffle zones. Isoperlas(yellow sallies, little olive stones) and golden stones are the primary bugs found on the river this past week and likely into the early part of July-- yellow and olive stimulators are hard to beat, #12/14. Grey drakes are on the increase to the south in Sublette County and flows there are shaping up to be near perfect for the 4th.
Sublette County Rainbow
Always keep a watchful eye for the daily bug, this nice sedge was found on the truck window while prepping the boat.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides Report- Primed on the Solstice!

It has been a few years since the Summer Solstice has been so primed with excellent fly fishing opportunities. Over the past week or so temps have fluctuated from warm to cool with several blustery and gale force wind days mixed in keeping the shrinking snowpack intact for just a bit longer. From the looks of Rendezvous Bowl at JHMR(a local indicator for runoff's end) we have less than a week of high water remaining on the Snake River here in JH(flows are 7000cfs @ Moose).
My recent journeys have been primarily on Lewis Lake and the South Fork as flows jumped back up on the Green River. However, very fishable at 1500cfs I think that river is about to explode with insect activity and will capture the spotlight for the next couple weeks. 
Jackson Hole Fly Fishing- 2011Video!

The South Fork of the Snake is fishing very well with a variety of nymphs and that river too is primed to pop in the next couple weeks... I predict DRYFLY FIREWORKS in Idaho on the 4th of July! Until then we are netting a nice mixture of browns, rainbows and cutthroats on rubberleg stonefly nymphs.

 Flat Creek in town and southward is in great shape for a walk and a few casts.
The insects that you are likely to see now include caddis, sallies and green drakes. These will come off most days in fair numbers from 11am to 2pm, the caddis are active all day and will swarm the best later in the afternoon into the evening to lay eggs on the water, hence becoming vulnerable to the trout. The western green drakes will be common on several rivers for a couple weeks and will certainly get the best trout looking up, one of my personal favorite hatches!
Drunella grandis... "its going to be a good day!"
Flying ants are thick this year and have been blown down to the trout with recent heavy winds, the lakes along the Tetons are hot with this irresistible treat! 
Get out there and enjoy our resources but take care of the trout, every guides business partner!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide Report- Lewis Lake

Those who know me know I love fly fishing lakes. This is the time of year when river fishing, no matter how good, takes a temporary back seat and I indulge in some of the best sight fishing to be had all season. As fly fisherman evolve there is no doubt in my mind that a pivotal moment in anyone's fishing career is when you realize the importance of the visual hunt and stalk of any fish with a fly. The challenges this type of fishing presents is the pinnacle of the sport. This is perhaps the single most stimulating aspect of guiding that I try and incorporate on a daily basis, sometimes tough in a world of neon bobbers and blind fishing mania. 
A nice brown trout cruises the shallows along a beach on Lewis Lake, in YNP.  A lightly weighted pheasant tail nymph presented gently 5' out in front will likely draw a subtle pick up from the 20" cruiser.
Flying ants, brown drakes and callibaetis mayflies round out the spring surface menu.
On the lakes in and around Jackson Hole we have a diverse array of fly fishing opportunities,  combining species, tactics and landscapes to the long list of variables.  By June the ice is off most lakes with the only exception for the stillwaters above 9000'.  Insect life is booming and the trout are foraging near shallow flats often visible and approachable with a fly when the light and wind cooperate. 
Favorite lake flies include:
#1 weighted p/t nymphs(brown or olive)
#2 small mohair leech streamers(blood or olive)
#3 tan or olive scuds
#4 Flying ant or beetle dry flies
Drift socks are a much appreciated tool when the conditions turn blustery, nearly everyday.

Lake trout or Mackinaw are very common in the lakes of Jackson Hole. Most caught on flies are considered juvenile(under 22") but do present a fine challenge to the stillwater fly fisherman, often feeding selectively on small nymphs and scuds.