Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fly Fishing Report for July 20, 2012

Just wrapped up another stunning week in Jackson Hole and our diverse local fisheries did not disappoint the local or visiting angler. In general, just about everything is fishing well with dries, dry/dropper combos and morning and evening streamer grabs as well. The weather has been pleasant but a tad bit on the hot side, mid-80's in JH is warm.
Matt Hall & John Campbell doubled up on a tributary to the Snake.
 I am starting to fish the Snake with more consistency and ending what I call the "windshield season", a period in June and July where each day begins with an hour or more time behind the steering wheel. The Snake has been fishing quite well for nearly a month(quite early) but can be dink mania... fun for novice fisherman but tough to guide day after day. The flows are now more like August and the larger cutty's are looking up with fair consistency, especially in the Forest sections where hatches are best.
Doug with a 19" cutty in GTNP.
Doug picked up a hefty lake trout on the Snake River as well.
 The best patterns for me have been smaller PMX's in yellow or red, para-caddis and stimulators... try trimming the hackle flush to get the fly to ride low and do not forget the twitch! 
The Green and other drainages of the area are fishing well but getting low and warming by mid-day, expect to go early.
The competition coming up short.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide Report- July Heats Up!

With all the hot weather throughout the west and in the Jackson Hole region follows some hot summer fly fishing! Hatches are strong everywhere and hoppers are beginning to fly among the rocks and grass.  On the Snake River sallies and golden stones are common enough to have every trout under 13" feeding voraciously and with reckless abandon. The larger trout are nymphing as is the case most years at this time. Some days you may move a few large cuttys with the dries but most days its fast action from the juveniles. Keep in mind this will change any day and you don't want to miss that early surface grab from our chunky 18" cutthroats.
Boating some super hot and hefty rainbows all across the region, what a gamefish! 
 Other hatches in the area include grey drakes, pmd's, sallies, golden stones and caddis. As far as I can see with the fishing its on! This is the time of year when its tough to be everywhere at once, its all going off... South Fork, Green, Snake and the Wind. As water temps rise in the afternoon, especially on the Green, please take extra time in releasing your catch- and if gets above 68-69 degrees, call it a day!