Monday, February 10, 2014

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing: Mid Winter Report, February 10, 2014

The past few mornings I have woke to bombs detonating in Teton Village, a sound sweet to any local skier's ear as it signifies a fresh dump up in the Tetons. In addition, my morning routine has included a good 20 minutes of shoveling the truck and driveway out as the recent storms coat the valley floor as well. This is the point in the winter season when I begin to watch the snowpack closely and I am happy to say it is looking fairly good at the moment, especially when compared to the severe drought in much of California. Water in the Tetons is a two fold experience for many locals… December through April we make countless turns on some of the best snow and terrain in North America. By May the rivers are flowing full pool and our diverse watercraft then prepare for a long season on the water, a wonderful cycle to experience!
GTFF Guide, Dave Smith lays into a deep turn at JHMR
According to the Wyoming Water Resources Data, almost every drainage in the state is well over 100% of normal thus far in the winter season. After last summer's moderate drought we can use every drop to avoid deepening drought conditions in Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho but a good summer forecast is too premature at this point. Our best moisture can often come in May or June, at that point you know what the summer will hold and it generally is not normal, much of the data is averaged from extremes.
Happy March angler on the Snake River near Wilson Bridge.
In any case, we will be fishing the Snake River in March and April as it comes back to life from a long winter. Last year March was quite warm and the fly fishing exploded into action well into April. I think this year we have much more valley snow and the river could easily blow out by early April if the temps climb into the 40's or better as they often do.

Floating the Snake River in April is a unique and beautiful experience.
Now booking March and April! If you're out for a spring ski trip and the conditions on the slopes are less than expected, good chance the fishing is HOT!