Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- April 15, 2015

Our spring fly fishing is in full swing with an abundance of nice weather and very good angling to be enjoyed. March was the warmest I had experienced since moving to Jackson Hole in 1998, a trend that is alarming on many levels but especially for an avid skier and fisherman. The upside to an early, warm spring is the chance to get out on the river sooner and enjoy a longer season, a season that can often be cut short by harsh spring or fall weather, it is the Rockies after all. Let's hope these trends are  part of the normal cycle(wishful thinking) and we will see a healthy winter again in the next season or so.
For now the fishing could not be better locally on the Snake River. Flows are ideal and the hatches have been solid for nearly a month. Midges are a spring staple and over the past week skwalla stones have taken all the attention; nice to look for a size 12 instead of a size 22 for a change. Streamers are always a good ticket in the spring months(really any month) but working the fly slower has been best.

Finespot from the upper section in GTNP.
Flows on the Snake are slightly above normal but running nice and clear and warming slowly through most afternoons, this perks the trout up a little before noon and peak activity is generally noon to 4pm. 
Snowpack in the Tetons is holding on as one of the best in the west, currently 84% of normal. Just today we received a nice spring storm that dropped several inches in the area and overnight temps will fall into the upper teens. This scenario will buy us at least another 5-6 days of clear running flows on the Snake. The snow pack is ripe above 8000' and two nights above freezing and our runoff should start, however the 10 day forecast looks to be average during the day and somewhat cool at night... we could get two more weeks of great fishing!

Average size looks to be good coming into the season, cookie cutter 16.5" means good numbers of 17-18" by August.

Love freckled face finespots!

The first large invertebrate of the season, Skwalla stones.

View back towards the north from south of Wilson, JHMR hangs on the far right of the image.
Have a great start to your fishing season and be sure to take extra care when handling any trout, thanks for viewing!