Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 17, 2015

The wet and cool weather the past 6 weeks in Western Wyoming has transitioned to a more seasonable warming trend. All the reservoirs in the region are at or just below full capacity and most rivers are still running high. The great news is that some rivers and tribs are starting the long drop and within a week or two much of the region will be bursting with fishing opportunities. 
For now the fly fishing report is more of the same but daily conditions are improving. Lakes are a big part of the best June options, several nice hatches of callibaetis, damsels, brown drakes and flying ants keep the trout looking toward the surface on all the lakes, especially Lewis and Yellowstone. The Upper Snake river below Jackson Lake has dropped to a nice flow around 2900cfs, here we are seeing some caddis, sallies and small ants. The trout are nymphing in the faster lies but looking up in the slow runs.
Nice early June rainbow from the South Fork.
In Idaho, the South Fork saw a rapid rise to 16000cfs last week after search and rescue efforts ended, primarily due to the reservoir filling upstream. The word is that the fishing is holding up but it very well could slow the big bug hatch a week or more. Once the salmon flies move through the summer is in full swing and it can be tough to beat the South Fork in early July. Bring your patience, the crowds are as big as the hatches.

This brown did not get away!
Meanwhile, in lonely Sublette County the flows are high but beginning to drop. The area is marginally fishable with streamers and worms making up the normal high water fare. Also a few salmon flies and golden stones moving on the warmer days, you never know until you go!
Hot weather bring hot fly fishing to the lakes in the Tetons.
2015 Kids Fly Fishing day camp, the grass is growing quick here in JH!

An excellent and happy student.

Love June for the time spent on the area lakes, breathtaking!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 2, 2015

Wow, what a wet May we just wrapped up! The weather is somewhat improved but still a bit unsettled, this is overall good for our water needs and bodes well for an outstanding mid-late summer season. Our runoff is going strong in the Jackson Hole valley and with Jackson Lake at 100% the flows from the dam are 4500cfs for a few weeks I imagine. Lakes are the best target for early June in JH but the best fishing in the region is out of the valley on the Idaho side. 
Here the South Fork and Henry's Fork are in fine condition with healthy crowds daily. The SF is not at all in its prime season, that too happens in a few weeks but the river is running fairly low for early June(10,000cfs), we expect it to rise back to 13,000 soon after an unfortunate recovery is over--missing 38 yr old angler from Ogden, UT... remember these rivers are very dangerous, use extra caution always!
The SF is mostly a wet fly show but the Henry's Fork has some great hatches going on now, golden stones, drakes and PMD's. Check in with our friends at Worldcast or TroutHunter for the latest reports.

Jackson Lake love!

May fish tacos and smoked trout dip, the best!

Sublette County before the runoff hits