Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 28, 2016

The latest Fishing Report can be summed up in three words..."Winds of Change". In the last two weeks we have gone from a critically hot, summer scenario to a breath of fresh, cool air with hints of autumn. Recent nights have brought the first frosts of the season and fortunately local water temps are cooling down quickly. Flows on the Snake River are a favorable 3600cfs at Moose, yet all other freestone rivers and tribs are much lower than historically recorded so there you may find challenging trout or no trout at all. The main river is fishing very well with hecuba mayflies and terrestrials in the afternoon, all typical this time of year and right in time for the annual One Fly Event in two weeks. 
In the region we do have some forest fires and on some days smoke can obscure your mountain views but in general the afternoon winds clear the view and the air we breath. 
On the South Fork flows have dropped to 10400cfs and the fishing is good but primarily sub surface. In some areas good dry fly fishing can be found be having a nymph or two in play is the best way to go.
**With recent closures on the Yellowstone River in Montana it is an important reminder to be sure to thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat to stop the spread of disease and invasive species.
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Guide's day off!

Doubles are common on the Snake in late Summer.

Exploring the Wind River side channels.

The Lenore take out in Crowheart, WY...

Sight fishing with tricos in GTNP!

Hoppers, ants and beetles score nice fish late in the day.

Nice Wind River brown from last week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 2, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 2, 2016 
Currently our local fishing is in its Peak season and all our guides are reporting good consistent activity with only exception being afternoon slow downs due to hot afternoon air and water temps. Flows are stable on the Snake but area tribs are dropping to very low levels, this also includes regional rivers like the Green and Salt. The small rivers are floatable but marginally fishable for two anglers and afternoon fishing is not advisable, again due to warm water often reaching 70 degrees.
Hatches are fairly thin but several terrestrial options are happening, it is ant, hopper and beetle season! One hatch worth mentioning is our summer stone fly, aka the mutant stone or western brown stonefly. These stoneflies are active crawlers early in the day and the males are wingless and quite fast... twitch and skate your bug early for some fun grabs!
The South Fork has had a great July, here PMD's are stealing the show along with the mutant stone happening here as well.
Enjoy your summer fishing but remember to keep the water temps in mind, best to stop fishing from 2pm to 6pm until our weather changes, hopefully next week.
Always great to see friends fishing together, having a great time! This was our 4th Annual trip with the Crew from Livingston, MT- George & Jamie Anderson, Skip Herman, Carl Hiaasen, Dave Grusin, Michael Keaton, Tom Mcguane and Breon Robertson.
Kae with a nice Wind River hybrid.
Mikey, age 9, crushes the Green again, these boys are good!
First Hopper eater of the season.
Eric Nunn nymphing up the big bows!
John Campbell finds the Fish of the Day again!
Jack Nunn, on another roll.