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Guide Retreat 2019- Chaos sets in!

GTFF 2019 GUIDE RETREAT--HENRY'S LAKE, IDAHO CHAOS SETS IN! (CLICK ON IMAGES TO VIEW FULL SIZE!) Two years in row we have made Last Chance, ID and Henry's Lake our venue for our annual fall Guides Retreat. This is a chance to unofficially wrap up the season, catch up with friends and life, but more importantly go fishing together and just be ourselves. Put together a comfortable house, lots of silliness, good food, beer and mix in some epic trout water and that is what we think of for the perfect guide retreat. We typically rent a nice house somewhere, share food and cooking roles (elk, venison and fish tacos) and just go fishing, keep it as simple as possible. After a full day of fishing we have huge meals and gather around to watch the World Series or maybe a football game, tell lots of fishing stories and simply savour the autumn abundance, almost like Thanksgiving! Ben Brennan, Trey Sharpe and Luke Philkill We have about 16 guides on our staff but m

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