Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Daydreaming!

Late Winter in Jackson Hole can make the mind wander and drift... as of lately, I have visions of lonely sections of rivers, void of anyone but bountiful with insects and eager trout sipping on the surface.

Size is not always the answer to glory but rather the elation and feel behind a well presented dryfly and the take of a summer trout, soaked in warmth and the pureness of a mountain stream.- SS

Ok... I am back from my outer body experience and ready to get skiing! A good dump last week laid down nearly 2' of nice pow but also brought out the skiers in high numbers. Business is very good lately at the shop but its tough to get out before the noonday sun hits the snow and destroys those precious flakes. Here is Weldon Jones ripping through some rapidly changing fluff.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keeping it real in JH

Weldon Jones hittn' the Pepi's kickr' after a fun outing.
A great view of Pepi's Ridge from the Quad... hikers looking for the freshest of snow.

Our winter has taken a nice turn over the past few weeks piling up several feet of light "cowboy" powder snow. We are, however, still below average for the season and knocking on the home stretch as March quickly approaches. March through May can be the wettest period of the year so there is still ample opportunity to stock pile some snowpack.
As for me, I have been working hard at the shop making skiers feet happy and making a few turns of my own almost daily. Winter fishing has been harder for me since the little ones came along but I do plan to escape soon as my body aches from banging turns at the BIG one. Hope to report on a glorious day from the Henry's Fork.