Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fishing Report for August 20, 2011

Its that time of year again- terrestrial season! Alas, water conditions are gorgeous on just about every drainage and locally the Snake River in Jackson Hole is running bank to bank with beautifully clear & cold water. As the hatches of early summer wane we are seeing a daily increase in hopper activity that will be heightened over the coming weeks as temps remain in the 80's in the afternoons. On the busier sections ants and beetles get more strikes but on our remote floats big hoppers bring the heart stopping grabs.
Teton Park is fishing rather well for medium sized cutthroats(12-14") with an occasional brute(over 17") showing himself but not always committing to strike. This lack of aggression is due to several factors, namely higher flows, bright weather & fishing pressure. As we approach September these larger trout will feel a greater urge to feed and will be looking to the surface for more nourishment.
John Marion with a nice Teton Park Cutty... never a bad day in the park!
Don Birmingham with a wild bow from the Wind River... this fish destroyed a size 4 hopper!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fly Fishing Report- 8/5/2011

Just finished up a fine 9 days in a row to officially announce our summer dry fly season has kicked in, finally! Up until the past week or so we have had spotty at best dry fly fishing which normally by now is in full swing and often slows from low, warmer flows. Some of the season's best hatches are happening and will soon cross over to terrestrial insects and while flows remain slightly higher than normal the trout are remaining mostly untouched... yes, you still have to work for them! I have had a string of great clients in town and each day I feel the urge to show them the best fly fishing experience possible and this year Western Wyoming has kept us busy. The Green and its tribs have been fantastic for 2-3 weeks now and this year was the best grey drake hatch I can recall.
Bob King and I appreciating the cloud cover... twitch, twitch!
Matt Lenzen in Wyoming, enjoying every second!(do the dew!)
After a round of storms brought mind boggling action with large dry flies the trout got a little more lock jawed so I began to investigate Eastern Idaho and the South Fork of the Snake River. The reports were not good but I had to find out for myself, low and behold I had very good streamer action followed by exceptional dry fly fishing in very small isolated spots. A research day turned into 3 consecutive outings with similar success... no bad report from me. Truth is everything is now fishing just fine and each day should be received for what it has to offer.
The Snake River in Jackson is flowing mostly clear with 3'+ of visibility but the flows remain a little high... 5400cfs @ Moose. As these flows drop the action should pick up and all anglers will be looking for a spot on the river between Pacific Creek & Palisades, nearly 80 miles of prime cutthroat habitat.
Bill Lenzen & I checking in on some local rainbows!