Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- Guide Retreat- November 1, 2012

"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it"- Oscar Wilde
Well, I know many who would disagree with that statement but it certainly fits in fly fishing. However, the temptation is fulfilled only momentarily, it will return. 
Each season's end many of our guides get together for a couple days of fishing and beer drinking, a time that brings us back down to Earth from a season of sharing the sport and art we love with oars in hand, not fly rods. This year we remained in our home state of Wyoming and fished a fairly unknown tailwater, let's just say east of Jackson. The fishing was spectacular to say the least and scratched an immense itch that every guide has this time of year. As the world turns ever more crazy we remained among the most fortunate anywhere- cradling wild trout and sharing an uncrowded watershed, all this soaked in the finest fall weather imaginable. Meanwhile across country an epic storm makes landfall and turns millions of lives upside down, our hearts go out to them(and the billions of others who suffer much more on a daily basis around the world) and my hope is that we can all have a meaningful conversation on the rapidly changing climates of the world, yet to be honest I do think we are well past the tipping point and short of major change now we will all witness climate hardships in the future. For me and my guide friends, we plan on raising our families on the values a river and fly fishing teaches us daily, stewardship of the environment.
Neil Chamberlin had the hot hands this morning, back to back 21" trout!

Jeff Currier, Weldon Jones and Neil team up on a hot rainbow.

The joy of doubles!

Fall's warming filter- late afternoon light.

Myself admiring a near flawless rainbow trout.


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