Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- March 14, 2017

And just like a switch our Spring season has arrived! Wowwee, what a winter and what a snowpack! Yesterday marked our first trips of the year and the weather was fantastic. After a long, dark, snowy and cold winter it is real nice to be talking trout fishing again but make no mistake, we have had some fun skiing what could down as one of the best winters ever with our total snow fall sitting at 530" and our current snow-water equivalent holding at 155% of normal. The 10 day forecast certainly shows spring holding on and for our summer angling this is good thing. Hopefully snow melt continues and we have a nice long drawn out runoff without a mega flood. Temps this week in the 50's will go a long way in knocking down the valley snow that is quite impressive. Most of the tribs are already running full and off color as daytime heating is doing it's thing. On the Snake, flows were increased at the dam a few days ago in anticipation of a heavy runoff, smart move by the Bureau of Reclamation. Yet, with higher flows fishing is still good and picking up. Midges are strong after about 11am and we can expect some BWO's and skwalla stoneflies in the next few weeks. High, murky flows can create great spring action if the bugs are present, so don't be fooled!
Hope to see you out there and enjoy the changing seasons!


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