Welcoming the 2009 Runoff!

A trio of Willets on the New Fork
Ed Dutilly and guest, Mike and Charlie doubled up!
I was fortunate to have several days of early season guiding last week that helped get me geared up for the upcoming season. Our fishing was at times superb and overall very enjoyable spring experiences for both the clients and myself. I found myself bouncing around several areas looking for the best possible fishing and all efforts payed off in the end. This time of year I love to see everything coming to life... birds on the Green were like a rainforest at times, with spectacular variety and song... oh, and the fishing was pretty sweet as well. My last outing was much tougher as far as catching fish and flows are rising quickly just about everywhere, therefore I'm calling it until I return from my journeys down south. The runoff this year could be of sizable proportions... yet, most of us are thankful for the water that should bring us fabulous fly fishing by late-June. Thanks to all who made it out to fish this spring and wishing Greg Biffle all the best this season in racing(NASCAR)... I was lucky enough to show him some Western Wyoming fishing for a couple days last week.


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