Heavy Moisture in JH!

The past two weeks have ushered in some soaking rains and now high country snow. I am pleased to see all this water as it will in the end equal some great fishing as the season develops. Area rivers are super-blown, except the South Fork, Firehole and Henry's Fork... for consistent action those are our best options for perhaps another 3-5 weeks. My eyes are on the lakes right now... all ice is gone and surface water temps are slowly rising. Good trout will remain shallow for fly anglers for at least a month longer... even though the fish are relatively shallow(5'-10') a good sinking line is a must. Slow, steady strips get the best grabs and hook ups.
Hatches are good on the Firehole and HF... a nice mixture of stoneflies, mayflies and caddis! The SF is streamer and nymph central... flows there are dropping to 10'000cfs!


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