Browns of Western Wyoming-

Over the past two weeks my guide work has been steady and my clients and I have most often found ourselves exploring Western Wyoming. Many years at this point I would have been on the South Fork of the Snake River at least half the time, however this year the SF was extremely high during some of its prime hatches and that forced many JH guides to make do closer to home. Well, the summer to this point has provided some fantastic angling and some tougher days as well... as we all say, "that's fishing"! Lately, the Upper Green drainage has been absolutely gorgeous and for 60% of the day awesome fishing... you cannot always expect it to be great all day, those days are fairly rare and special. Morning periods are best now as we are seeing days near 90 degrees, I have been noticing a significant slow down after 1pm and the water temps are nearing 67-68 degrees, much above that it is not recommended to fish... I always like a couple cold beers to float off the dead zones. On the Green and its tribs it has been brown trout madness... I love those browns but I sure do miss my SF bows. The Snake in JH is really looking good and like clock work it is dink mania with a few shots at nice trout. If we get a slight cool down,  August will be great on the Snake and that will relieve pressure on the other rivers, therefore late summer is looking terrific at this point. Thanks to all for a great couple weeks!


  1. Nice browns Scott. Glad to see the upper Green is treating you right.


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