Summer Season Underway!

I just finished up a solid week of guiding clients, new and old, and with a full schedule ahead it is safe to say we are full steam ahead into the fishing season here in Jackson Hole. It was a rather challenging week with most area rivers flowing high and a bit off color, yet the good news is we managed to catch nice fish everyday and the conditions are on the up and up(dropping water) with each day. As runoff comes to an end, flows are clearing and area reservoirs should decrease their flows balancing our water to an enjoyable flow for great fishing. Despite the high water the insects are all right on time with excellent hatches just about everywhere and I'm seeing fair dryfly fishing that could turn red hot any day. The South Fork is still huge at 21,000cfs but dropping so maybe within a few days its go time... the bugs are coming and moving up in the lower canyon. The Green is running at 2600cfs but fishing fairly well, there are drakes and stoneflies all over- we just need the water to drop so the fish can intercept the bug soup.
Thanks to Steve and Frank and the gang for a great start to the week, tight lines!


  1. Can't wait to get up there and show you how to fish again this year. :) Don't hurt all the fish's lips before we get up there in late July and early August!! Great job on the blog keep it up and say hi to that lovely wife and those 2 girls for us.
    Bob King


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