Southern Comfort!

Kalik... the beer of the Bahamas
Just returned from a fantastic spring getaway with the family to the good 'ole South and beyond. Spent a few days in the Atlanta area before heading down to Orlando, FL with the kids and grandparents to visit Disney World, talk about a cash cow that place is rolling in it. After a few days with the kids and family, Dana and I were able to sneak away for some quite time in the Bahamas, one of my new favorite places. We stayed on Exuma Island for 4 days, mostly basking in the sun and drinking beer(and eating fresh grouper & snapper)! I was fortunate to escape for a little fly fishing along our beach near Georgetown, where I enjoyed juvenile snappers, jacks & cudas in abundance. Took a half day to check out the local flats as I was hearing of trophy bonefish in the area... our guide Olie put me on some nice bones in a matter of minutes, bagging my personal best of about 7-8lbs(bummer no photo). This place has captured my attention and if it pleases my wife and the fishing and beer are excellent we gotta return!
Wading the Trophy Bonefish flats of Exuma, Bahamas.
While in Atlanta I always get a couple days in with my dad on some bass water. This trip the rivers blew out from heavy rain so we headed to a private lake with my cousin Joe looking for post spawn hogs. We fished the 6 acre lake hard only finding small bass and bedding bluegills. At lunch we noticed this fat hen hanging around the bluegills for an easy meal... she was aggressive for sure. She took a bluegill from us twice and we finally landed her on a crawfish. 7-8 pound Largemouth Bass...Great fun!


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