When will it POP?

Caddis Larvae(Brachycentrus)... this is the early summer emerger in our area that can create massive clouds of flight, seeing them on Flat Creek now.
Fairly high flows from Jackson Lake dam(3600cfs) recently is keeping the hot action at bay. Good numbers of little sally stoneflies(isoperlidae) are in the air but not many trout showing on top yet. Nymphing is still the best way to intercept those deep hole feeders. I feel that the water temps are a bit on the cool side(49degrees) for aggressive feeding and this is a direct result of the heavy flow from the dam.
Soon however, fantastic action will be popping all around... its like a tea kettle beginning to slowly whistle. The Green(2100cfs) and South Fork(15,800cfs) are still high and again, cool keeping heavy insect activity low. I hear that the nymphing is pretty good on the South Fork but my favorite venue lately has been the lakes... amazing sight casting scenarios when the wind lays down.
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