Scenes of Summer

Skip & Murphy share a moment on the Green River.
Over the past week I have ventured all over Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming and I must say the moose population looks healthy from my perspective... over a dozen views similar to this nice bull on the Green River near Pinedale, WY. The animals you encounter on the river are a special bonus to the day, its nice to see them in their natural setting... thriving.
Grand Teton Park is coming into its prime fishing season now and the days on the river in this special place are amazing. I always have to remind people to put their rods down and look around for a moment. These mountains haunt your mind with their magnificence, many compare them to the alps of Europe. In fact they are among the youngest mountains in N. America still growing a couple centimeters per year. There is no better place to catch native trout and experience breathtaking scenery than here... now booking mid- September!
A large non-native from the Snake River, Lake Trout find their way into the river system generally through Jackson Lake Dam. In the upper reaches they thrive on Utah chubs and whitefish living in the slow deep runs in relative harmony with our prized Snake River Finespotted cutthroats.


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