Wide Open Now!

It is on in the Hole! The only bad thing about the fishing for me right now is that I'm not the one doing the fishing... I have a serious urge to strip streamers & twitch big dries... mend long, perfect mends & set the @%*&%#? hook! Oh well, at least I have a great job showing folks the depth of this sport and region.

Serious brown town on the Green river with several amazing hatches going off this next week or two... green & grey drakes, caddis & many stoneflies... a literal bug soup.
Flows are lowering and stabling out for the summer on every drainage, even the Snake in Jackson is hitting well. The South Fork is in its usual mid-July form... EPIC! Bugs are everywhere and the fish are looking up well by noon most days. Enjoy the fun angling but please think of the trout, take care of them always!


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