August rainbows & hoppers!

August brings the grind of the year, a bittersweet mixture of pure exhaustion and elation. As of lately the the rivers are producing fine angling but it doesn't always come easy. Many of the smaller rivers that were hot in July are now very low and tough to float and most guides are steering clear... but with single anglers you can find off the beaten track hopper action that heats up near 1pm as the afternoon wind cranks up... if the hoppers are not on the ants will be, simple as that! On the big rivers like the Snake and the South Fork action is still excellent but can be described as spotty and sometimes down right technical... just what I love, spotty enough to have a beer and technical to keep it interesting.
Adrian with a nice Green River 'bow that was sight cast to with a tan hopper... pretty fun! Thanks to the Lenzen family for a few fun days.
Images like the one above are the ones I love the most... an absolutely beautiful creature in the palm of your hand, full of spunk and brilliant with color... they are why we fly fishers go to great lengths and spend insane money to just peer over their beauty briefly.


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