Winds of Change

The Snake Drake... hecuba timpanoga

Over the past two weeks the weather and trout have been stirring, a signal that we are are in the beginnings of autumn. With each cool front and accompanying overcast and rain brings fantastic fly fishing to the Snake River region. During these late summer storm cycles the bugs get moving and the trout pay close attention to riffles and shallow side channel seams... at this time we are seeing a steady flow of paraleps(mahogany duns), hecubas(slate wing "drake") and baetis(BWO)... in addition to the mayflies our abundant western brown stone flies are ever present yet elusive, hence the effectiveness of the old Chernobyl ant and its modern imitations.
Stone Hopper... Lorenzo, Idaho

Scott Smith with long time client and friend John Marion
After the fronts move through and the vicious winds settle we get back to pleasant weather that warms under the brilliant sunlight and with this the now fat hoppers steal the show along grassy banks. Needless to say its on in the Hole! The Snake River of our valley is in the prime of the year now, just in time for the annual One Fly Event. After the tournament look for even better fishing as the crowds taper off, yet as true fall approaches the best of the day becomes compressed into fewer hours each week due to colder nights and shorter days.
Best of Luck this weekend... be Safe!


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