October is a special time that I personally feel can offer the finest angling of the season when a few conditions come together like a perfect storm. The days are shortening therefore feeding periods can be brief yet aggressive, colder & lower water can tighten schools of trout into massive pods making competition fierce, spawning occurs among a few species and lastly, some fabulous hatches offer the angler and the trout a bug of significance, yet often tiny. For me it signifies the end of another guide season and allows myself and other guide friends to share some time on the water together.
Last week provided some of the best weather of the 'hole' season... cool mornings and stunning warm afternoons. Today, I finally broke down and put on waders as the pleasant weather pattern has now ended and rain is in the forecast... soon it will be time to start thinking about skiing!
This is the black bear that has been hanging around below Moose on the Snake River for over a week. Can he finish that entire elk this fall? The bear appears to have put on some serious weight since I first noticed him, he will sleep well this winter.
Some of my competition.


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