Farewell to the 2010 fishing season-

Our amazing autumn weather has slowly given in to the grips of winter as overnight temps finally plunge to more seasonal averages and local snow making prepares low elevation runs for the upcoming ski area openings, a sure sign of winter. For the ardent angler however, there is still some fine late fall fishing to be had on the South Fork and Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Streamers and midges are the main courses for these late season outings that can often produce some hefty trout.
Ed Dutilly locks into some action on the HF over the weekend as Louie looks on with great anticipation.
2010 has been another fine season with many realizations that catching our beautiful trout of the region is only a small piece to the greater puzzle of angling. With so much suffering and pain in our modern world it is a great privilege to haunt these rivers on a day to day basis and share with folks from all walks of life the grandeur and depth of our natural resources here in Western Wyoming & Eastern Idaho.

I will be cranking up the winter season next week at Pepi Stiegler Sports, come visit for any custom bootfitting needs or any other alpine ski questions. Thank you for a great season on the water, best to all- Scott Smith

I'm ready for some POW!


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