Cabin Fever Trout

It is the time of year when pouring over season's past images and videos spark a certain excitement and deep down inside you feel a sense of anticipation that builds momentum over the next couple of months- no matter your pleasure we all have cabin fever! Don't get me wrong, I love the Wyoming winters for their ferociousness and serenity, not to mention the sick skiing that still lies ahead but when it all begins to give into the natural progression of the seasons you savor every second and begin to dream of green grass, trees and flowing water. Real cabin fever actually can drive a man crazy, pinned up inside during months of harsh winter weather, but this winter has been particularly nice overall delivering ample snow for our skiing delight and water reserves, as well as not crushing us with arctic temps below zero for long periods at a time. As of now our snowpack is in the 112% range for the next few days and could easily be at 100% by next week if the dry trend continues.
The buzz of fly fishing is entering more conversations lately and I am seeing a general up tick in activity on blogs and facebook. For me the skiing is still top priority for a few more weeks but I am beginning to dust off gear and prepare for the late-winter vaccine that will launch me into yet another Jackson Hole fly fishing season... a fever and illness all in itself.


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