Back in the Flow

Just as our snow pack began to fall back to a normal average at the end of February the moisture out of the Pacific kicked in and the Tetons are now seeing an accelerated increase in water content, a great delight to area skiers yet depending on how the spring eventually plays out a perhaps daunting runoff scenario with significant flooding could occur.
To the visitor the area can appear to be in the depths of winter but in fact there are significant signs of spring all around. By March the sun's angle is high enough to create significant melting on southern aspects- even during colder temperature periods that become increasingly rare as the month progresses. The valley's snow is slowly retreating and snowfall in March rarely sticks to black top surfaces at lower elevations, an indication that day time heating is increasing. Smaller ponds in the valley are clearing of ice and waterfowl and migratory birds are on the increase weekly.
On the mountains(above 8000') winter has its grip for another 30+ days and skiers are relishing in bountiful powder snow! On the sunny days locals transform to giddy, fun loving ski freaks, dressed in retro-ski wear or even bathing suits as temps climb into the upper thirties(after a long cold winter, 35-45 degrees feels like 7o... its nice). But for now we are in the flow and skiing upon a deep and stable snow pack.... happy turns!


  1. I really miss this area. I grew up in last chance and Pocatello and now live in vegas :( You got a new follower


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