Fly Fishing Report- 7/29/11

A serene view of the upper Green River in Western Wyoming has been my office for the past week or so and I must say, I like it. The days have been fairly long as they generally are in July because of the driving time and remote floats. In addition, some consistent fishing that is more reminiscent of early July... like everywhere in the region a good 3-4 weeks behind. With the end of this high water season behind I think positive and realize the benefits it will yield in a couple years and beyond... lots of healthy trout. When we have high sustained flows you often will see a much higher survival rate of juvenile trout and a faster growth rate... a look on the bright side right?
John Campbell in Western Wyoming
The Green is spotty but fishing decent as flows really begin to drop below 1400cfs. The Snake is very close to releasing the masses, it is fishable at this point with 2' of visibility but may need to drop another 1000cfs before it really gets good. The South Fork is dropping as well but is still a bit off color, not sure why at this point, and the fishing again is spotty with mostly wets catching the trout(15000cfs).
The hatches are all over the place on the Green and its tribs with Green & Grey Drakes, caddis, sallies and golden stones... above is one of my favorite insects, the Grey Drake spinner.


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