One Fly 2011 Report

The annual Jackson Hole One Fly Tournament is here again signifying the home stretch of the prime fly fishing season here in our region. Contestants will match their "one fly" each day against our wily cutthroats, browns & rainbows from Jackson Hole all the way through the South Fork Canyon in Eastern Idaho. With flows still slightly higher than historical I am betting on some foam stonefly creation to take the top spot. Streamers could be a good bet but the forecast looks to be clear and sunny, better off staying with dry flies perhaps. I will be guiding the event from Moose to Wilson and my gut feeling is mixed. This section is traditionally a top producer of larger trout, however this year the high flows drastically changed the channel and fishing has been challenging, largely due to the powerful flow that prevents advantageous fly presentation and/or boat positioning. I will certainly get a good workout this weekend... hope my cutthroat friends are looking up!
John Campbell with a real brute from the Green in late August... Hopperiffic!
Very fortunate to fish some "special" Wyoming water this year with supertanker browns.
Darren Calhoun with a fine specimen that fell for a Morrish Hopper.

The fishing for our area is superb right now! I have guided 15 of the last 16 days and every day has been good to excellent, best of all I have yet to tie on a wet fly for 2 weeks now! In Jackson a mixture of mayflies, caddis and stonefly/terrestrials patterns are getting the trout up just about all day with a few adjustments here and there. The South Fork is finally fishing well with dries and the trout are loaded in riffle zones, pmd emergers and cripples get the picky eaters and big bugs do the job on the banks.
Good Luck to all this weekend and get out there, the mornings are getting frosty & it all ends too soon.


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