Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide Report- Lewis Lake

Those who know me know I love fly fishing lakes. This is the time of year when river fishing, no matter how good, takes a temporary back seat and I indulge in some of the best sight fishing to be had all season. As fly fisherman evolve there is no doubt in my mind that a pivotal moment in anyone's fishing career is when you realize the importance of the visual hunt and stalk of any fish with a fly. The challenges this type of fishing presents is the pinnacle of the sport. This is perhaps the single most stimulating aspect of guiding that I try and incorporate on a daily basis, sometimes tough in a world of neon bobbers and blind fishing mania. 
A nice brown trout cruises the shallows along a beach on Lewis Lake, in YNP.  A lightly weighted pheasant tail nymph presented gently 5' out in front will likely draw a subtle pick up from the 20" cruiser.
Flying ants, brown drakes and callibaetis mayflies round out the spring surface menu.
On the lakes in and around Jackson Hole we have a diverse array of fly fishing opportunities,  combining species, tactics and landscapes to the long list of variables.  By June the ice is off most lakes with the only exception for the stillwaters above 9000'.  Insect life is booming and the trout are foraging near shallow flats often visible and approachable with a fly when the light and wind cooperate. 
Favorite lake flies include:
#1 weighted p/t nymphs(brown or olive)
#2 small mohair leech streamers(blood or olive)
#3 tan or olive scuds
#4 Flying ant or beetle dry flies
Drift socks are a much appreciated tool when the conditions turn blustery, nearly everyday.

Lake trout or Mackinaw are very common in the lakes of Jackson Hole. Most caught on flies are considered juvenile(under 22") but do present a fine challenge to the stillwater fly fisherman, often feeding selectively on small nymphs and scuds.


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