Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 11, 2012

Conditions in the Jackson Hole area are in a stable summer pattern that can produce the very best in fine Western Fly Fishing. Our mornings have been cool enough to offset the late afternoon heat and those serious about their angling know it is best to head out somewhat early. Terrestrials are bagging the best action but on some drainages a mixture of summer caddis and mayflies can be found and when in good numbers the fish will key in on these and ignore your well presented hopper. Tricos are present in some areas now through September and can be very effective when set behind a beetle indicator fly.
My best fishing mate, Louie getting in on the release.
 Flows in the region are getting low on many of the smaller rivers revealing the deep holes to the wading angler. My guess is unless we see good rain in the fall some streams may be as low as I have ever seen in my years in JH. The Snake is fishing well now and should be on the increase as it comes into its prime of the year- late summer through the autumn. Flows are expected to remain stable here, roughly under 3000cfs below Pacific Creek. The South Fork is flowing near 12,500cfs but may drop soon as summer irrigation demands decrease. Fishing there is good but the hatches are sparse, therefore dry fly fishing is inconsistent. I expect the autumn fishing to be off the charts there once the flows drop below 10k.
Trey Scharp and I enjoyed a guide's day off together and floated a  new piece of water for myself,  amazing how diverse the area is!
Summer browns love grassy banks and hoppers!
My friend John Campbell finds another nice one... 20" Finespotted Cutty. 
Bison crossing the Snake River near Triangle X in Grand Teton National Park.


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