Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report: New Year, New Beginnings!

Welcoming 2013!
Its the time of year I have put fly fishing on a back burner and focus my attention to the wonderful winter season and lifestyle changes that come along with this primal cycle. Being an avid skier and working in the ski industry have an uncanny heart beat with the fly fishing lifestyle, it boils down to preparation and dedication- like living on the greatest surf break in the world, the energy is exactly what keeps you sane, focused and unfortunately sometimes waiting. Each seasonal activity has a real connection to life in the mountains and here in Jackson Hole you can look back across any season and have glimpses of pure magic, this past year was no different. Thank you to everyone for a great 2012!

I welcome all to ponder my rambling thoughts in 2013 but better yet to just enjoy my images and chronicles from the field. 
Please Share the blog and pass along thoughts, all greatly appreciated!

These are some "gripngrin" snap shots from Fall 2012.

Drew Cosby with Lou dog on the brownie point.

Brian Shinall visiting from ATL, laying down some Southern Heat with the HOT streamer hand this trip.

Take out Fish of the Day... keeps every angler stoked for the next outing.

This was first cast and first fish of the next day... still running HOT GA boy!

Owen and Weldon enjoying a stunning fall day on the South Fork.



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