Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report -- April 27, 2013

This is me bundled up hoping for spring to arrive... and it did!
It is funny how things change from season to season in a subtle way but when you look at this change over time it can reveal stark contrasts. I can remember just a few years ago when April fishing was mentioned most people would look at you as if you had completely lost it, they would say why? Isn't it cold? Well, yes it can be damn cold in April, especially here in JH. When you pick up a USA Today paper and look at the color coded weather map, we are the little blue spot in a sea of orange tucked in NW Wyoming. But then there are the days that are pleasant, the wind lays down and a 45 degree afternoon literally feels like 65... and most importantly bugs start moving and trout look up. 
The Skwala Stonefly is a pre-runoff gem that nourishes both angler and trout.
 Nowadays it appears everyone who owns a fly rod is quite anxious to get out and explore the opportunities of the early season. My advise is stay ardent and go when you think it is not quite ready... because it is. 
The fly fishing report for April 27th is go now before it is too late. The Snake River in Jackson Hole is fishing at its best with dark olive or black stonefly imitations about size #12 both dry and wet. Our cuttys are in the head to middle of most runs with nearby deep water, medium speed and large rocks. The water temp really turned around early this week, it went from 40 on Monday to 45 by Thursday and the skwalas popped showing the most numbers I can remember. Reports today of mud showing at Pacific Creek and Spread Creek, it may last 2-3 more days.
The Green is silty from Horse Creek down. The South Fork has bumped up and flows are cold, the action there can be pretty slow for a few weeks. The Henry's Fork is hot with caddis but getting brown below the Falls River.


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