Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 30, 2013- Here We Go!

It is starting to look and feel fishy in Jackson Hole! Well, it always does but as we swing quickly into our summer season the fishing appears to soon follow, in fact it is happening now on several drainages in a fairly big way. The Snake River is obviously still a few weeks away from being worthy of a float but as I crossed it yesterday at Moose I swear it looked like good streamer conditions existed(18" of vis). The flows are dropping but runoff should make a comeback soon and that urge will be stomped out. In the meantime, the Green, Henry's Fork and South Fork are all fishing well and in some cases excellent! If you are looking for the best in dry fly action the HF is hard to beat in early June. Name your hatch and it is probably happening. The crowds are there for a reason- the fish are on the feed.
The South Fork and Green are wet fly enthusiasts havens right now, streamer junkies are sneaking away while conditions are right. We may see another runoff surge but not until the weather heats up and tonight's forecast has snow for the mountains of Western Wyoming, Boo!
Mark Fuller and I got away for a rare day on the water... the best way to catch up with friends, Great day!
Other worthy mentions are the Firehole River and the lakes of the region. The Firehole had its opening last Saturday and our reports from guides were good but still yet to pop with insect life. Again, this is due to cooler weather and should change this coming week. I expect the bug du jour to be caddis and flavs in a week or so.
The lakes are fishing well and are not getting hit due to early season river fishing. Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park is iced out and will be visited soon by my boat, that place is awesome! 
June slots are filling up, give me a call to discuss all the goods!


  1. Fishing is, indeed, one good way to bond with friends and families. It is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, as it is rewarding and relaxing at the same time. I bet you had your great share of the fishing season, no? :)
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