Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 26, 2013

My last post was on May 30 and that is because the region has been going off since Memorial Day and when the surf is up or the POW is falling, you need to get it. Another reason is that the dreaded "windshield season" has been in full force. That is the season when you spend almost as much time driving as you do fishing(clearly an exaggeration, but it can feel like it) and it really cuts into media time, oh well. 
In Western Wyoming our drainages are long, vast and remote, making for a great drive but costly. Anyhow, the word is all good in these parts and this Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report looks to turn some heads.
Another gorgeous Snake River cutthroat
 Ok, so runoff is a wrap and if we can get the Bureau of Reclamation to ease Snake River flows, the entire region would be fishing well. The Snake is cranking at 7100 @ Moose but is quite clear and ready to fish. The sections below town will fish the best until flows slow. The trout have seen several nice hatches so they will be looking up. Try salmonflies, caddis, green drakes and sallies. Streamers and girdle bug nymphs are all great choices if looking for the big cutt's, fish the slower boulder banks well for these gorgeous trout.
All smiles on the river!
 South of Jackson Hole in the Green River drainage the action has been very consistent and many days Red Hot! Again, bugs are the key to great days here... sallies, golden stones, PMD's, drakes and caddis. I generally start the day with what we want the fish to eat and adjust accordingly and lately it has been the BIG bugs so no complaints. I think we will see a quick transition to grey drakes as the hatch gets rolling. Anyhow, the fishing is top notch and let's hope it survives the low water season soon ahead.
 The best salmonfly hatch I have seen in JH occurred on the stunning Hoback River the last couple weeks. This gem is generally blown out in June but cleared early to welcome the big bugs to their brief reproductive life, the trout and anglers sure appreciated it! All tribs are fishing well except the Buffalo, still silty and cold there.
The South Fork is coming into its best season, with multiple hatches and fish looking up Dam to Menan. The heart of the action has been down low but moving quickly into the canyon and above. Rubberleg nymphs are still getting the job done if missing the top show. Flows @ 12,800. Salmonfly Crazy! Enjoy the fine fishing!
Please, remember to crimp your barbs... no one wants to see trout missing their face!


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