Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 18, 2013

A stunning native from crystalline waters!
Ain't Life Grand! That about sums it up for guiding the past few weeks... nice trout and smiling faces. Our overall report is quite good on the Snake river with patchy slow periods but the fish are looking up nicely and moving on large to medium sized dry flies. Terrestrials and our late season stoneflies are the main ticket but if you are on the upper river remember your trico skills to hunt down some nice heads-but beware they are getting picky!
As flows are reduced we expect the fishing to gain momentum, do you have a reservation for the show?

At 9 years old... spoiled by the Snake River!

Two friends share the experience of a fine trout in the net.
Other reports are good but the main concern before you head out is river flows on the smaller tribs and non-tailwater drainages. Foot access is perhaps the better choice as many landings cannot float a drift boat adequately, be mindful of this.  Our beloved Green is too low to access via driftboat above 351 but is fishing well otherwise, check out public foot access, it can be pretty damn good.
This horned owl followed us for a good mile.
The South fork is holding at 9700cfs and reports are quite good early(daybreak) but then it slows after 10 or 11am... quite normal for August. Nymphs are the best option after the top show stalls, however hoppers are active in section IV as local ranchers cut hay... sometimes you just nail it!
Tight Loops and Lines! Take care of the trout!


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