Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- October 12, 2013

Fall conditions rushed into the region earlier in September and has not yet released its grip to allow for any pleasant Indian Summer cycle to settle in, therefore our nice days have been few but the clouds and cool weather have encouraged some strong hatches and the trout are happy and relaxed. Flows have dropped on the Snake River over the past two weeks and are now at low winter levels(300cfs). The best window locally here in Jackson Hole is from about 11am to 4pm with BWO's and mahoganies making up the primary bug du jour. This will give way to midges as temps drop sharply in the next few weeks. Before and after the hatch small PT's and slow streamers will get the job done. 
Thanks for tuning in, more fall pics and notes soon!
Couple days before the shutdown in GTNP, the scenery and fishing was top notch!
Neil and Sam closed out a nice day with this native 20" Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat.
Guide Tom Montgomery lands his clients over some gorgeous water below Wilson, WY.
Late season floats on the Snake River are spectacular, a fine way to spend a day head hunting.

Skip Herman super happy with this catch on a lonely stretch of river in Western Wyoming.

I closed out my season with great client and friend John Campbell on the Wind River,  a fabulous fishery to explore.


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