Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 12, 2014

Jackson Hole area fly fishing has been nothing short of epic over the past month and the late summer outlook looks just as promising. On top of our high water we had this spring and into the summer season we have had a nice, relatively cool and wet summer. Just this past week it rained pretty damn hard for Western Wyoming standards over 3 days. These periods of rain do blow some mud into the Snake River drainage but this gives the trout a rest and recharges the springs and tribs.

This week and looking into the next month or more we should expect the terrestrial fishing to keep heating up. Yesterday was the first hot day(81degrees) in some time and the hoppers were going nuts on the mtn. bike trail. Today I fished terrestrials all day and had eager grabs from 9am to 5:30pm, seriously! Luckily the wind has been low but if we get a few windy days the hopper show will be very good well into September. Another bug to be on the look out for are tricos, these are showing on the upper Snake and likely elsewhere. 
Flows are excellent everywhere and this may come down to one of the best summer flow regimes I can remember. Float fishing is holding up on the upper Green and the Snake is slowly dropping below the magical 4000cfs level at Moose. 
Get out and have fun!

Horned owl on the Green River.

Weldon Jones with a good looking Wind River brown.

Damon and Kelly Marty of Oregon light up the Western third of Wyoming last week, he had to be blindfolded to get home.

Damon again, now getting some brownie love!

Nothing much better than fly fishing in Grand Teton National Park, you just have to look up!

Alley, a first time beginner nails a king daddy cutthroat on the Snake, nice job!


  1. Nice fish cuz! Look me up when you get to ga and I'll hook you up with those strippers!
    -Tony pro


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