Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- October 22, 2014

The autumn season is always a special time here in the Tetons but I must say this year has been particularly nice. Consistent weather and healthy flows have made for some awesome dry fly fishing extending well into October now. A strong high pressure settled in the region in late September and although some nights were quite cool(mid-20's) the afternoons have been incredible with some temperature swings nearing 50 degrees! 
Fall fishing is often described as the best and in my opinion I would have to agree but it should be prefaced or clarified that it can also be technical. To me "technical" fly fishing(harder the better) would include one or more of the following conditions that are almost always present in the days of autumn: wary trout, very clear water, low & cold flows, fine tippets, smaller flies, weed growth/leaves and longer leaders… to be honest, often these conditions are all wrapped in one, everyday. But there is a magical aspect to the fall fishing experience… the fish know winter is coming and they gotta eat! Paired with the right guide, an angler who can cast better than the average weekend fly warrior will likely have some of the best fishing of their life in the fall.
Furthermore, in the fall you can target some hefty trout if you know where to look and how to work a streamer. Our streamer bite has been consistently good on the Snake. If you are putting the fly in the right water fish will no doubt follow and slash but to get more hook ups change strip, color and size until you get it right! Good luck and enjoy these late season days!
Flies getting smaller by the week, #16 mahoganies or ants,  then #18 BWO's now… #20 midges are here to stay.
The best Autumn Float… Deadmans to Moose, in GTNP!

Well conditioned trout in the autumn eating small terrestrials late afternoon.
Brian Shinall, from ATL getting in on the top show in GTNP last week.

These fish were podded up on BWO's, incredible to experience!

Fellow guide, Josh Galivan heating it up on the Bighorn, wrapping up another year!


  1. Hope next year is as good as this one was for you! Tight lines!


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