Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- February 15, 2015

I hate to say it but our Spring fishing is arriving quite early this season, in fact right now many folks are enjoying the warm temperatures(40-50 degrees in JH) across the region and are heading to their favorite fishing rivers. This winter has been very strange and it makes me personally a bit concerned that a pattern could be developing. If you have not noticed, California has had 4 years of drought now and their water worries will rise each season without significant snowfall. When California does receive moisture it has been heavy rain, not snow. Here in Jackson Hole we are tucked in a inner-continental region that boast large mountains and cold air, similar to a Canadian air mass. The area can receive copious amounts of snow and generally we do well, averaging 400-500" annually. But this year feels different. Our snow line has often been above 7000' delivering rain to the valley nearly every storm since December. I hope to chalk the '14-'15 winter season up to a terrible Pineapple Express scenario but for now skiing is fair and fishing is turning on! 
Current snowpack is healthy for the Snake drainage(110%) but long range looks to be dry and warm.
This is typically what the Snake River looks like in late March. This year its early February. 
Accesses are melted out and folks are jumping on the Snake River for some rare winter floats. 

Birds arriving already as the valley snow peels back quickly.

View of town from Snow King mountain- Feb 8, 2015, Shrinking valley snow and record warmth!


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