Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report - March 16, 2015

Happy to say our Spring fly fishing is here! By the calendar Spring's official start is still a week away yet weather in Jackson Hole has been springlike for over a month now. As the East coast got hammered by hefty winter storms the West has gone dry and warm, with exception being a few good storms hitting the southern Rockies(good, they could use it). Fly fishing on the Snake River has really picked up in the past few weeks as many afternoons get above 50 degrees, a temperature not so good for skiing unless you like slushy corn.
Local snowpack is hanging strong at 94% of average water content while on the Upper Green it is 106% and on the Wind River 90%. These are good numbers considering how dry it has been since the start of February. Keep your fingers crossed we either get another shot of snow or the summer is not as hot as some are predicting. 
Late winter float on the Snake River, leave the crowds behind!
Our spring cutthroats gorge on midges everyday from 11am-4pm.

A rare float below Deadmans Bar before runoff(2003)

GTFF guide, Ed Dutilly with a stunning Spring rainbow.
The Snake River this time of year is very predictable with midges starting daily in March from 11am to 4pm. Look closely in riffles for noses and fish small(#18-20) black gnats or any visible midge cluster. Surprisingly the fish can be quite picky so down size your tippet some to 5X and lay the flies down as soft as possible. Tiny droppers below the cluster can be deadly for the big cute not coming up. The trout will hang on the rocky tailouts and soft riffles primarily but also look in back water eddies.
It is fun time of the season to practice up your small fly skills, Enjoy!


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