Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- May 6, 2015

Runoff mode on most area rivers, except tailwater sections, is the main theme this time each year. With that said, if you know what to look for and apply proper streamer techniques for turbid water, you can still catch some trout, often some large brown trout. Some heavy hatches of caddis are the norm in Eastern Idaho along the Henry's Fork, other than that we are still a few weeks away from any major bug happenings in Western Wyoming. Streamers paired with sinking lines are the best along the Green drainage and upper Snake in Teton Park. Perhaps the best action can be found on Jackson Lake locally as ice came off a week ago. Fish are patrolling the shallows(3-8') for now. I like white zonkers and large black buggers again on a sinking line or jig head, work these along drop offs and points. 
Stay tuned, things are about to get good!
Bill is on a 20" roll, 2 for 2... this cutty had a unique snout that I have seen before but not sure of its cause.

1st float from Pacific Creek to Moose, ever! Deadmans still closed so we went for the 17miler, it paid off!

New visitor, Ben Hayes was so stoked he was ready to book next year's dates.

Damn good streamer bite this spring!

Graduate student, Julia did quite well from the back of the boat with a fast sinking line and a basic bugger.

Jim doing what he does best.

GTFF guide, Dave Smith showing off a nice early season brownie.

Colorado Cutthroat from the Green River drainage.


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