Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- August 10, 2015

Here is the latest on local fly fishing conditions for the Jackson Hole area... I would go now! The season is at its busiest point, yet with ever changing weather and cooler nights with rain the fishing is going off! The Snake River  locally is flowing at a gorgeous clear flow below 3000cfs at Moose, a flow more similar to September. Best activity is most often mid-late morning but honestly you can find active fish all day, just keep changing tactics as one turns off. These fish are at point of the season where they feed all day so hunting the active areas is crucial. Best flies are a mixture of small aquatic born insects like caddis, tricos and a smattering of PMD's and then also some terrestrials are very effective later in the day- hoppers, ants and beetles. 
Other area rivers are all in good shape and reports are good to excellent. If this cool weather holds this could shape up to be an outstanding month...
Hard to believe it is already August, get out there!

Jack Nunn and I enjoying the best dryfly fishing in the region, here in GTNP.
 Flows south of Jackson are getting low so float fishing can be a challenge but if the weather is right some fun days can be had. Here expect tricos, PMD's, hoppers and ants and let's not forget... spooky trout- low clear flows.
The South Fork in Idaho has been off the radar for me but a day last week confirmed it was still fishing quite well and the traffic was not too bad at all. The morning we did well with caddis along flats and banks. Later a medium sized brown stonefly with a dropper pick up some hefty bows and a few cutthroats, overall very nice surface action.
July Green River brown.

Special place with special fish, stunning brown!

All day baby!

 The other side of the divide on the Wind River has been swinging into its best conditions in a couple years. Big dry dropper combos are a favorite otherwise we are pitching heavy streamers to dead drift in deep lies, hold on! Be sure to look up Wind River Canyon Whitewater  for guide trips in this unique drainage.
Crowheart, WY

The start of a great day!

Not the Tetons but just as stunning.

A typical Wind River double.


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